7 Amazing Hairstyles That Can Make Your Face Look Slimmer!

7 Amazing Hairstyles That Can Make Your Face Look Slimmer!
Guess what, ladies, trying hard to ace those contouring tricks isn’t the only way to make your face look sculpted and slimmer! The way your hair frames your features can also help slim down your face. Staying away from blunt cuts and harsh lines is the most important thing to remember if you don’t want your face to look rounder. We help take kilos off your appearance with these chic hairstyles that will help you look slimmer instantly, sans diet and exercise. You’re so welcome!

1. The LOB

hairstyles to help you look slimmer

A chin-length bob may look cool on many people, but if you have a round face, it’s definitely a length you want to avoid. It can draw attention to a double chin as well as make your face look wider. Instead, the ultra chic LOB (long bob) is the perfect style if you want to try something different and stylish. A below-the-jaw length of the LOB is perfect for framing your face and making it look slimmer. It’s a universally flattering haircut that is completely on trend and suits any type of hair texture.

2. Face-Framing Layers

hairstyles to help you look slimmer

Ask your stylist for long layers around your face that fall below your chin. They will slim your jawline and make your face appear longer and narrower. Plus, it helps make sure your hair look anything but boring!

3. A Side Part

hairstyles to help you look slimmer

You may want to switch up your part from the center if you would like to take a few ounces off your face. A side parting softens your face, creating an off-center effect that helps make a round face appear slimmer.


4. Rapunzel Locks

hairstyles to help you look slimmer

If you prefer your hair on the longer side than that works perfectly too; longer hair can help elongate your face. Opt for long, shaggy layers for soft, flowy locks; this will help your face appear more long than wide. And who doesn’t love lush, long locks?! It’s a look that will never go out of vogue.

5. Consider Highlights

hairstyles to help you look slimmer

Highlights will not only bring depth to your locks, it’s also a great idea when you’re bored of your look but don’t want to cut your hair. Plus, highlights that frame your face will help you look younger, slimmer and your face longer. Highlights on the top graduating into darker shades at the bottom are what do the trick.

6. Waves Are Better

point 6hairstyles to help you look slimmer

Some texture and movement is great. Poker straight hair can accentuate a round face, so get plenty of layers for movement and volume. Soft, long waves or curls will help you look slimmer than straight hair that is all one length, and they look oh-so-pretty too!

7. Side-Swept Bangs

hairstyles to help you look slimmer

No matter what your hair length, bangs are a great way to change up your look. Shaggy, side-swept bangs are super cute, soften your look and help elongate your face. Blunt bangs and a box fringe are a huge no-no if you want to downplay your face, but wispy side bangs are just perfect to help your face look slimmer.

Images: Shutterstock, Viral Bhayani

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