What Does Google Have In Common With Your Bestie? (So. Much!) | POPxo
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What Does Google Have In Common With Your Bestie? (So. Much!)

What Does Google Have In Common With Your Bestie? (So. Much!)

Google and your girl besties actually have a lot in common! It’s like they’re one person really, who’ve taken on two different names for the world. Think we’re kidding? Read on to find out what we’re talking about!

1. They have the (right) answer to everything!

Whether it’s about some super cool app, some new makeup technique, or a place that you’ve never even heard of before - your bestie is your default go-to person when you have any question. Just like Google is your default search for the wackiest of questions! Both of them try to come up with multiple answers to satisfy you - even though they may sound completely random at times.
google is like your girl besties

2. They keep reminding you of people and moments you have long forgotten!

Just like Google changes its banner every other day to commemorate the birth anniversary of a person or remind us of an event that was important a few years back - your bestie too keeps reminding you of someone you probably went to school with or knew as children! But you know, you still forget about whoever they tried to remind you of the very next moment. :P

3. Only they know about your top secret chats with your crush and even your ex!

Your Gmail history probably has some long forgotten chat with your ex, that obviously no one else knows about. Just like only your bestie knows every little secret about your relationship with your ex - and she’s going to take them to her grave. google is like your girl besties

4. They are your point of contact for the world

Just like your Gmail address is where people get in touch with you for slightly more formal reasons if they can’t reach you directly - your bestie is the person everyone that knows you well enough personally gets in touch with first when they can’t reach you!
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5. They keep themselves updated, and help you do the same!

Just like Google keeps updating itself to make your life simpler, your bestie too keeps herself and you updated on everything! From all the latest gossip, to the latest trends in fashion and beauty - there is nothing they won’t know and tell you too. google is like your girl besties

6. They keep you organised and in sync with the real world

Just like your Google account has your calendar, contacts, documents and pictures - all in one place - your bestie knows all the little details of your life and keeps you centered and even gives you that much needed reality check every once in a while!

7. You just can’t imagine your life without them!

Just like no other search engine can replace Google entirely on your screen, no other person can come even close to meaning what your bestie means to you! They’re both irreplaceable. google is like your girl besties GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here!
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Published on Feb 11, 2016
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