9 “Girly” Accomplishments EVERY Girl Secretly Treasures!!

9 “Girly” Accomplishments EVERY Girl Secretly Treasures!!
There are some things that happen only in girl world! Like these 9 little accomplishments that all girls secretly treasure and give themselves a pat on the shoulder for. Tell us if you do too?

1. Getting that winged eyeliner perfect, in the first go!

‘Coz only we girls know of our daily struggle with eyeliner. One stroke doesn’t make the cut, one more makes it a bit too thick, and wiping off the extra bit… Oops, smudged!

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2. Taking a killer selfie, complete with a perfect pout and a sun-kissed moment!

The joy of a #NoFilter selfie!

3. Successfully ignoring an ex’s text for an entire day...

And suddenly realising you’re SO over him. Yayy!

3 girly things

4. Ordering a dress online for half the price your friend bought it for!

And finding that it fits you like second skin!

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5. Writing an original, super funny caption on social media

‘Coz you’re just funny like that.

5 girly things

6. Buying only what you want when you go shopping...

And not letting the pretty packaging and attractive offers lure you into emptying your pockets. You’re in complete control.

7. Trying an online makeup tutorial, and getting compliments from everybody for it!

And feeling like a total diva who’s got her beauty game on fleek. *Flicks hair*

7 girly things

8. Following a diet plan/ exercise routine… Till the end!

And realising you just beat your biggest enemies…sugar, carbs, and oh, sweet sleep.

9. Cleaning your cupboard every weekend.

And telling your mom that you keep it organised. At least till Monday morning! :p

9 girly things

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