Confessions Of A Girl Who Has Always Wanted To Get Married

Confessions Of A Girl Who Has Always Wanted To Get Married
Marriage is a big deal in our country. Everyone, everywhere, is constantly talking about either getting married themselves, or about other people getting married. Aunties are constantly trying to set people up and suggesting boys to mothers’ of girls (or vice versa). With most people my age (23), I’ve realised that this often annoys them. They begin to get agitated by the idea of marriage just because everyone around them is constantly trying to tell them that that’s what they should be thinking about or doing next. Not me.

The idea of marriage has always fascinated me. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to get married. It of course is different that I never really thought it through, the idea of marriage. In my head, marriage would soon end after the wedding. I would spend days and nights dreaming about the perfect wedding, and after the wedding, coming back and comfortably sleeping in my own bed! To be honest, I still do. I want a fairytale wedding. And unlike other people, I am kind of open about it. So, I won’t deny - a grand wedding has always been one of the main reasons I have wanted to get married! Although, not the only reason.

I have always wanted to get married also because of the love and attention I’ve seen brides receive. From their own family, from the groom’s family and, of course, from the love of their life. How wonderful to be surrounded by all these people who love you and would do anything to make you happy, especially for those few very very important days! You’re the centre of attention and everyone wants to pamper you. What’s not to want?

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A (highly) secret reason for me wanting to get married has also been because of all the shopping one gets to do. I know, I know, not a good enough reason to want to spend the rest of your life with someone - but I am guilty of this. I love the excitement of collecting all that jewellery, clothes, bags, shoes and what not for one’s trousseau. I’ve seen some of my older cousins do it - and oh boy were they excited! And imagine walking down towards the mandap in that gorgeous lehenga you’ve always dreamt of and having your groom look at you like maybe you were magic?! For me, this has (secretly, of course!) always been a rather attractive aspect of getting married!

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One more very important reason I’ve always wanted to get married is because I’ve seen my mother through the years… She has had a huge impact in my life, just like most mothers do in their daughters’. I have seen her happiest when she is with my father - the love of her life. They have built a home together, raised a family. It is a world of their own making - a world in which they are very happy. My mom never worked after she had my brother and I - a decision that she has always claimed, with her head held high, she has never regretted. She wanted to - over and above everything else - be there for her kids and keep her family happy. I think I’ve got that from her.

Which is why I now come to the most important reason I am “obsessed” with getting married. Because I cannot wait to start a life of my own with the love of my life. I cannot wait to build my own little world, just like my parents did for our family. I can’t wait to travel the world with the man I love and make memories over years and more years! For me, marriage is not my happily ever after, it’s the beginning of my happily ever after. I can’t wait to love the man who will love me and appreciate me for the rest of my life - and build my own little family with him. If that makes me “obsessed” with marriage - then I suppose I am!

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