7 Things You’ll Only Get If Your Bestie Is A Fitness Freak! | POPxo
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7 Things You’ll Only Get If Your Bestie Is A Fitness Freak!

7 Things You’ll Only Get If Your Bestie Is A Fitness Freak!

We all have that one friend who is pretty much obsessed with living a healthy lifestyle. And even when we’re feeling our laziest best - it’s these health fanatic friends who motivate us to step out of our comfort zones and be the best versions of ourselves. So if one of your besties is a fitness enthusiast, we’re sure you’ll relate to this little list of reasons why they’re simply AWESOME!

1.  Restaurant Victories

How is it that your fitness fiend bestie always manages to find the healthiest thing on the menu that still is yummy, so that they can eat amazing food to their heart’s content without feeling any guilt? Thanks to them - you’re a pro at making healthy restaurant choices. From choosing grilled meats to ordering salad dressing on the side - they’ve shown you how DELICIOUS healthy food can be! fitness-obsessed best friend. 1

2. Active Activities

You might love your weekend Netflix routine, but your bestie has other ideas of interesting things to do - from indoor rock climbing to zumba to nature hikes - she manages to make her weekends fun and active at the same time. And you love it since you get to have fun AND work on your fitness while spending time with her!

3. Friend-spiration!

You’re probably fully up to date about which marathon or 10k race is happening in your city, thanks to your bestie. And if she is persistent enough, she might have even convinced you to join her for a race. And now, you’ve started enjoying the rush of running and love lacing up each morning with her! Thanks, bestie! fitness-obsessed best friend. 3

4. She’s Got A Gym Gang

Chances are that your fitness-obsessed bestie has workout friends. From running buddies to yoga class girlfriends, she’s got an awesome, positive and motivated gang that is quite cool to hang out with. And more often than not, you take inspiration and also join the gym to get inside access to this fun gang!

5. Her Methods Work!

Whenever you’re stressed, depressed, or anxious - she encourages you to join her for a run or for a yoga class! And guess what, when you’re done exercising, you feel SO MUCH BETTER thanks to the endorphins and the quality time you just spent together! fitness-obsessed best friend. 5

6. The Green-Eyed Monster

Your bestie probably gets complimented on her figure ALL the time. If not her figure, then probably her defined arms and toned legs! And chances are that the little bit of jealousy you experience probably motivates you to start looking fit too! See, friendly competition can be a GREAT thing!

7. You’ve Got Yourself A Cheerleader!

When you finally decide to take the plunge and start living a healthy lifestyle yourself, your bestie will be your biggest motivator, support system and cheerleader! She’d never let you bunk a workout! And the best part - you have an exercise buddy for life! So whether your bestie is a yoga-nut, a keen runner, or a zumba enthusiast, you better be thankful coz health-conscious besties are the most awesome kind of people to have around. Don’t believe us? Watch the latest episode of the Nike #BetterForIt production Margot Vs Lily (below), and watch how an exercise obsessed Lily gets her couch potato sis to start working out!
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*This is a sponsored post for Nike. Watch the entire show series here.
Published on Feb 26, 2016
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