Black Magic, Spells, Suspense... Alisha’s SPOOKIEST Case!

Black Magic, Spells, Suspense... Alisha’s SPOOKIEST Case!
Alisha Luna is back, and this time, she is trying to decipher the secrets of a mysterious former supermodel. Guest starring the inimitable Diandra Soares, this episode is just the right mix of mystery and magic!

On assignment to report on the lives of cover girls from the 1960s, she discovers one Alfie Romani, a former model from the black-and-white era, who for some reason, has not aged a day in over five decades. And no, it’s not because of plastic surgery. So what’s her secret? Is she a witch? A Naga Baba? A sorceress?

Unable to secure an interview with the beautiful Alfie, our heroine grows obsessed with trying to unearth the mystery of the ageless beauty. She discovers that Alfie belongs to the famous Romani clan, mystical and magical gypsies scattered across the globe who trace their roots back to Rajasthan. What happens next is a beautiful, climactic reveal that’ll leave you breathless!

Watch the latest episode of the Blush original production, where our fashionista-detective takes on a case that defies the constructs of time!
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