8 Questions We Wish Our Moms Would NEVER Ask Us!!

8 Questions We Wish Our Moms Would NEVER Ask Us!!
We love our moms, we really do. But sometimes they ask us things that make us want to hide under a blanket and stay there forever! Yes, no matter how much they love us, the have a special knack for seriously embarrassing us with some of these questions!

1. "Why do you need lacy lingerie?"

No, mom, obviously no one is looking at my lingerie. I can totally wear high-waist, long-leg cotton underwear with cartoons on them for the rest of my life. (NOT!)

embarrassing questions moms ask

2. "You took so long in the bathroom, what were you doing?"

Um, stuff people do in the bathroom? No, really, moms just aren't satisfied until you give them a detailed report of what exactly made you take so long.

3. "Have you ever kissed a boy?"

What?! Kissing?! Girls do that?! Can I be excused to my room now?! Please!!

4. "So, who's that boy, huh?"

Every time you introduce her to a boy, she automatically assumes you have a crush on him or he has one on you. And then starts the endless interrogation and not so subtle hints.

embarrassing questions moms ask

5. "Bikini wax? But why do you need that?”

How exactly do we explain this one? Talking about our private areas is never really comfortable no matter how close you are to your mom!

6. "Why do you smell of cigarette smoke?"

Mothers have the best sense of smell in the world! And really, while this question is embarrassing and leaves you stumped for a bit, there's only one way out… Blame it on your friends!

7. "What is that mark on your neck?"

Let us now launch into an elaborate and totally made-up tale about how we had to battle some monstrous mosquitos (who gave us hickies) on our way back home.

embarrassing questions moms ask

8. "Why is there a condom in your bag?"

Uh, well, Sex Ed classes?! For a friend? There's really no easy way out of this one, but mothers will mostly accept any lame excuse because there is no way they want to think of their little girl being sexually active. (Even if she’s being safe and smart!)

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