5 Super Pretty (And Easy!) Hairdos For EVERY Function!

5 Super Pretty (And Easy!) Hairdos For EVERY Function!
February is here and we already know just how many people get married on Valentine's! And that means you yourself might have a wedding or two to attend. And that also leads us to the big question of ‘What do I do with my hair?!’ Because the same old blow dry for every other party is so not exciting anymore! So to get you sorted, we took to Instagram and found 5 really awesome and quick wedding hairstyles that anyone can do! Even you and me! And these are also super easy.  

1. Messy braided pony

Super easy and extremely pretty, the braided pony will look great with a straight suit or an evening gown. It’s also the perfect hairdo when you want to show off your new pair of earrings! Start by braiding your front hair and finish off with a pony tail. Tease the braids to loosen them up for a messy look!

2. Style your crop

Girls with super short hair, rejoice! This tutorial will get you wedding ready in just a minute. Really, you’ve just got to pick out a section of hair from either side of your parting, twist it and pin it up at the back. That easy! Slip on a couple of embellished bobby pins for a more festive look.

3. Princess braids

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Keep this for your best friend's sangeet! It’s absolutely gorgeous and even the craziest dance won’t mess it up. Make two braids just like you did during school days and pin it up on either sides to make a pretty hair band. And trust me, I tried this out at a wedding last night and my phone’s still buzzing with compliments!



4. That ponytail!

Yup, it isn’t just another ponytail. It’s a ponytail you need to watch out for! Might seem a little hard to master at first but once you do, it’s the quickest hairstyle you’ll ever know. Pretty it up with flowers and for a mehendi function it looks just great!

5. Simple and chic

If you’ve got naturally great hair, then this one’s for you. Just braid or twist two sections of your hair and pin it up. Leave your wavy locks flowing and put on that lehenga you’ve been dying to wear all this while!

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