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Struggles Of Talking About Marriage With My *Unready* Boyfriend

Struggles Of Talking About Marriage With My *Unready* Boyfriend
Every girl dreams about getting married someday. It may not be today or tomorrow, but someday in the future. And if you’re in a committed relationship, the thought of marriage becomes all the more real. You’re in love with someone, and think about having a future with him. But what happens when he’s committed to you, but not ready to think about or discuss marriage?! Here are a few strugglesI face when I try talking about marriage with my boyfriend - who is far from ready!

1. It tends to get a bit too awkward every time you bring it up…

Even as a joke. Because for him, it’s like you’re talking Greek!

discussing marriage with your partner

2. He’s just not in the “frame of mind” to understand what you’re getting at…

Because, well, it’s just not the right time for him yet!

3. You don’t understand why he can’t commit to you in the long run when he’s already in a committed relationship with you…

And he, on the other hand, can’t understand why you need proof of his commitment when he’s already committed!

discussing marriage with your partner

4. You drop a lot of hints about you wanting to discuss this with him…

He doesn’t get it… Or at least pretends well enough not to!


5. You kind of begin to question your current relationship and his love for you…

Which, in turn, gets him really upset! Because he can’t believe that you don’t see just how much he loves you right now!

discussing marriage with your partner

6. He basically gives the death stare to anyone who brings it up when the two of you are together…

Whether it’s his friends or yours! He will do everything he can to prevent this from coming up… And whoever brings it up first is as good as dead!

7. Which once again makes you question his long-term intentions…

Why should it be such a big deal if someone talks about him marrying you… You will just never understand!

discussing marriage with your partner

8. But if you even mention as a joke that you’re probably going to end up marrying someone else… He gets super possessive!

A side of him you don’t really see too often. He may not be ready yet, but he definitely can’t think of you being with anyone else!

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