Dear Future Husband, Can Our First Year Be Like This? Please...

Dear Future Husband, Can Our First Year Be Like This? Please...
Dear Future Husband,

I’m writing this to let you know just how much I am looking forward to spend my entire life with you. I am sure that our life together will be wonderful. Here are a few things I want from you in the first year of our marriage.

1. Show me how much you love me

I know you love me, but it’ll be great if you could be more expressive about it during the first year. A goodbye kiss while leaving for work or just a rose to wake me up. A little extra effort and show of love is a great way to kick start our first year!

future husband1

2. Make the first festivals memorable

I am one of those girls who would love it if all my first festivals after marriage were made memorable. It doesn’t have to be a grand or expensive gesture, just something special :) A fun family dinner on Diwali or a romantic gift to mark my first karvachauth.

3. Help me blend into your family

I am new to your family and I need guidance. Tell me your parents’ likes and dislikes. Remind me of all the upcoming birthdays. Support me if I have a minor issue. All I need is a little time.

4. Vacay time!

The first year of marriage can be stressful. Family commitments and lifestyle changes can take a toll. A mini vacation or weekend getaway sound just perfect!

future husband4


5. Bond with my family

My parents mean the world to me and I would love you to bond with them. Be open to plans of night stays at my place and golf days with Dad. I’ll love you thrice for it!

6. Help with the housework

Housework is totally new to me and I need your help! Setting up our home, household chores and managing finances is not my job alone. Let’s do it together and I am sure we’ll make a terrific team!

7. Let’s spend some quality time

Courtship was different. We are husband and wife now and I would really want to spend some quality time with my better half. Let’s go out for long walks after dinner or snuggle up and chat for hours. This time of our lives may never come back.

future husband8

8. Romance is in the air!

I can’t help but be a sucker for romance. And I want lots and lots of it! Cute little surprises or some naughty, fun things! A Sunday breakfast in bed or a nice, long hot oil massage. Roses at work or a naughty message to spice things up!

Yours lovingly,

Wife-to-be <3

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