17 Adorable Things Couples Do Without Even Noticing It!

17 Adorable Things Couples Do Without Even Noticing It!
It's all a bit new and not as comfortable when you initially get into a relationship - but slowly, after building a rapport with your partner, there are some things you both start to do. These things eventually just start coming to you naturally. Here are some things that couples do without even realizing that they're doing them!

1. Pull each other's legs...

They tease each other endlessly and it's not always about mushy things. Some of the times, it's almost unconsciously done!

2. Laugh at the same things!

They sure do find the same things funny even if no one else does!

3. Mock-fight over food!

Silly couple fights are actually quite adorable when they're over a fry, trust us!

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4. Talk without words...

They can tell when the other needs a quick escape with just a glance or a squeeze! It's like telepathy.

5. Look for each other in a crowd...

As soon as they step out somewhere, their hands automatically find each other's!

6. Agree to watch movies they don't even like…

Do they ever question it before they book those tickets for Deadpool? Or Pitch Perfect 2? Nope!

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7. End each other's stories!

When one person is telling a story and totally forgets where they were or what happened next, the other picks up exactly there!

8. Be the other person's reminder!

Waking the other person up when you know they have a meeting or have to wish someone a happy birthday just comes so naturally!

9. Make each other a priority.

They give each other the importance they obviously deserve, no questions asked! It's just the way it is.

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10. Call each other by names only they understand…

And they've probably even forgotten the stories behind those names! It happens, guys!

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11. Scanning the room until the other arrives...

One doesn’t feel completely settled when they know that the other is on their way. Only once they're together do they stop staring at that door!

12. Give meaningful compliments!

It's never just the "You look hot" but it's also the "You totally amaze me" after you tell him something about your workday. That's love.

cute things couples do

13. Move around their schedules for each other.

So what if their favorite show timing clashes with the only time they can talk on the phone to each other? Online streaming exists for a reason, you know!

14. The adorable kind of PDA!

Not the full-on makeout sessions during a get together, but the kisses on the forehead or a hand on the back - just little touches that make them feel closer to each other!

15. Fix things for each other...

The really strong need to help each other fix problems knows absolutely no bounds!

cute things couples do

16. Talk about the future!

Even when they are talking in a group about distant future plans, they imagine the other person with them in that scenario.

17. Just stare at each other.

They don't even realize if anyone is noticing, but they occasionally get totally lost while staring at each other!

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