21 Cute Things Every 20-Something Girl Wants In A Relationship!

21 Cute Things Every 20-Something Girl Wants In A Relationship!
This story was updated in February 2019.

Blame the movies or even books for making us believe in fairytales and love stories that are full of romantic gestures, perfect little moments and happy endings! We can’t help but secretly wish that all of that would happen to us too! There are definitely some gestures that a girl in love never fails to appreciate!

What Do Girls Want In A Relationship?

Call it wishful thinking or just plain romance, here are some super cute relationship things every 20 something girl secretly wants - even if they sound cheesy!

Sweet Good Morning And Goodnight Texts!

Only because when we begin and end our days with sweet messages from our boyfriends, it just makes the day seem better! It’s a sweet reminder that they are thinking about us, just like we’re thinking about them.

Surprise Visits And Plans Through The Week Before Valentine’s Day!

We may say that we think Valentine’s day is overrated, but secretly, many of us think it’s kinda sweet too. While we probably don’t want our boyfriends to go over the top, we do wish they’d maybe plan a simple but nice candle light dinner - just because it would make us feel special!

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A Proposal Story Worth Telling The World!

So that we can relive that special moment every time we narrate it to someone. It doesn’t have to be grand, just unique in a way that it becomes a fond story even with our grandkids! This one definitely tops the list of what do girls want in a relationship!

Some Social Media PDA!

Sometimes, it’s nice to get a mention on the boyfriend’s social media feed! Whether an update about our date night or even the trip we took together - preferably with a cute message accompanying it!

cute relationship things

A Cute Nickname, Just For Us!

Because it is adorable to have nicknames for each other, with rights to use reserved only and only for us! You don’t have to work much when it comes to what do girls want in a relationship, for it is the simple things that matter!


A Little Item Of Jewellery - Not Just A Ring!

Not a ring, seriously - but just a piece of jewellery that our boyfriends would choose for us as a little reminder of their love! It would just make us feel like we have a little piece of them with us all the time!

cute relationship things

Romantic Pictures From Around The World

Let us translate this. We want to travel the world with the person we love! Discover new places and seek new adventures with them - and oh, take lots and lots of pictures together.There is no wonder why this one made it to our list of what do girls want in a relationship!

Matching Couple T-shirts!

Because there is nothing as adorable as couple twinning, right?! And hey, we just want an excuse to show off what an awesome team we are!

cute relationship things

 Cook Meals Together!

We can always go out and eat, or order in - that’s simple. But what can actually make cooking interesting (even for those who don’t like it) is doing it together with their partner! And, not to mention, there is something irresistibly sexy about men cooking.

A Romantic Midnight Kiss On New Year’s Eve

Because it’s a new year and a new beginning - and we want to start it just in the right way! It’s not as cliched as it is cute. :-)

cute relationship things

Lots And Lots Of Cuddling And Pampering!

Because, secretly, we all absolutely love when the guys we love spoil us! Even if we are strong and independent women, we just can’t get enough of it - probably won’t even when we’re a hundred years old!

Telling Us That We’re Their Best Friend!

Hearing from our bae that we’re also like their best friend makes us feel that you they respect our opinion and really enjoy sharing all about their everyday life with us!

Be Interested In Our Friends And Family

Nothing pleases a girl more than their guy taking a genuine interest in our friends and family, and what goes on in our life outside the circle of your relationship!

Introduce Us To Friends

While we get the importance of a legit boys’ night out, all we’re saying that we find it super special when our guys make us a part of their circle of friends! It makes us feel that we are loved and our boyfriends are super proud of us!

Taking Time Out Of Busy Schedules!

We understand how hectic lives can get, trust us we do! But we do appreciate it when our boyfriends take a little time out of their busy schedules to spend time/talk with us!


Sharing Problems And Insecurities

We believe that a relationship is so much more than just whispering sweet nothings and going out on romantic dates! We truly appreciate it when our guys share their day-to-day insecurities and problems with us. It truly makes us feel like we hold a valuable place in their lives!

Kiss Us On The Forehead

This one never gets old, no matter how long we’ve been in a relationship! A parting kiss on the forehead or at any time makes us fall in love all over again!


Give Us A Key To Your Place

Guys giving us a key to their place is so much more than a simple gesture! It makes us feel that they trust us and want to make sure that we always have a place to come to, no matter what!

Make A Place For Our Stuff At Their House

Likewise, nothing beats the feeling when guys make room for us to put our things at their house! Not only does it make us feel that they’re really invested in the relationship, but it also makes us feel like we truly belong!

Let Us Baby You A Little!

Our guys might be the most sorted person in the world, but it never hurts if they let us baby them a little by allowing us to take care of them every once in a while!


Leave Us Notes!

We love it when you leave us little notes everywhere! Be it on the fridge reminding us to pack our lunch or on our laptop reminding us to have a nice day, cute notes never fail to make us smile!
Does our list of sweet nothings checks your list of what do girls want in a relationship? Do let us know!

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