10 Fashionable Items EVERY College Girl Should Have!

10 Fashionable Items EVERY College Girl Should Have!
College is the best phase of our lives - friends, canteens, hideouts and dressing up! We surely do have the time of lives while we’re in college. It is the probably the only time when we can really explore, experiment and find our individual style. Here are 10 fashion items every college going girl should have in her wardrobe!

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1. Ballet flats

This is the key item every college going girl should have.Comfortable ballet flats - to be your best friend when you’re running late for class. Ballet flats can be worn with skinny jeans or dresses, and you will definitely needing a pair or two since you will be wearing them almost every day.

POPxo Recommends: Cut Out Ballerinas (Rs. 1,099)

2. A canvas tote

When you’re in college, bags become an integral part of your outfit...or your life. Have fun in super trendy totes that come in a variety of graphics and designs. Not only do they have room for your notes and stationery, they also speak volumes about your individual style.

POPxo Recommends: House Of Tara Printed Tote (Rs. 1319)

3. Denim shorts

college girl fashion

During the hotter months, all you wanna do is wear a pair of shorts, sandals and get going for class. Pair them with a nice cotton shirt or a t-shirt for that easygoing casual look.

POPxo Recommends: Koovs Paperbag Shorts (Rs. 995)

4. Skater skirts

A-line skater skirts look adorable on everyone. The way they drop down from the waist in a flowy manner makes it attractive and perfect for college.

POPxo Recommends: Vero Moda Skirt (Rs. 678)

5. Backpacks

Backpacks are having a major moment in the fashion front right now. From chic leather backpacks to trendy printed canvas backpacks, there are a ton of them in the market to choose from! Make a style statement by sporting a trendy backpack this semester.

POPxo Recommends: Green Canvas Backpack (Rs. 549)

6. Plimsolls

college girl fashion

Plimsolls are shoes with a canvas body and rubber sole. They look perfect when paired with shorts and cute when paired with flowy dresses. And let’s face it, you will be spending more time walking around the campus than actually sitting down when you’re in college, so you need these to keep your feet happy.

POPxo Recommends: Cute Butterfly Plimsolls (Rs. 1,299)

7. Ear studs

Wearing big earrings may not always be feasible when you have to rush for classes every day. Opt for cute studs that don’t distract or ask for too much attention but still leave an impression.

POPxo Recommends: White Alloy Studs (Rs. 799)


8. Leggings

Only leggings can deal with all the sitting, standing and running around you do in campus. There will be days when you just want to sit on the grass with your friends during a free class or dance around with your crazy friend. You need the elasticity and comfort that leggings can provide.

POPxo Recommends: ONLY Black Leggings (Rs. 1,895)

9. Wedges

college girl fashion

A pair of comfortable wedges is essential if you’re one who can’t do without heels. Wearing a pencil heel or block heels might be a little too dressy for college, so pick a pair of wedges that look stylish and are comfortable too!

POPxo Recommends: Miss Bennett wedges (Rs. 1,319)

10. Beanie

We know how difficult it is waking up for that early morning class in winter. And we’re also pretty sure you won’t have the time to do your hair since you’ll be snoozing off your alarm at least three times. In such dire situations, all you need to look trendy and hide your bed hair is a stylish beanie!

POPxo Recommends: Topshop Cat Ears Beanie (Rs. 1,590)

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