These 7 Brides Wore The Prettiest Maathapattis EVER!

These 7 Brides Wore The Prettiest Maathapattis EVER!

As a wedding writer I have the privilege to drown myself in stunning wedding pictures everyday at work! Our gorgeous brides deserve a tight hug for working out their looks so beautifully well. So, after the real bride mehendi hairstyle series, we bring to you the resplendent bridal maathapattis our brides have worn recently. These stunning jewels are going to take your breath away!

1. The absolute best


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We didn’t want to save the best for the last so we put it right here at the top. This beautiful bride looks straight out of a Bollywood movie. The elaborate maathapatti design looks so royal that we just can’t stop looking at it. Didn’t we all always want something like this for our wedding?

2. The regal bride



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This is a bridal portrait that’s left us awestruck. The colourful borla and delicate strings are an offbeat choice for a bride, and she sure carries it off with elegance. Can’t stop crushing over the rest of the jewellery too!

3. Charming as ever

A maathapatti you just can’t ignore. The beautiful delicate design of the headpiece makes us want to put it in our little jewellery treasure box and admire it forever.

4. The classic colours

mathapatti A bride can never go wrong with the classic combination of red and gold. A traditional maathapatti, this bride’s charming jewellery pictures are a treat to watch.

5. Looking splendid



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This maathapatti seems to have an old world charm to it. It’s one of those gorgeous designs we’ve seen in our grandma’s bridal box. The intricate patti and the chaandtika is beyond fab. new_in_story_banner_500px_480

6. Elegance is the word



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Sometimes with jewellery, less is more. And this ravishing bride proves it. Her maangtika is matched with her necklace and a simple string of jewels is added as the maathapatti.

7. South-Indian style

We just knew we had to share this glowing bride’s pic the moment we saw it. The gold maathapatti looks traditional yet still has an edge to it. HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: Get The Royal ‘Jodha Akbar’ Look With This Stunning Jewellery! MUST-READ: Dress Up Your Hair With These Stunning Hair Accessories!