The BEST Places To Get A Haircut That You *Won’t* Regret Later!

The BEST Places To Get A Haircut That You *Won’t* Regret Later!
When a girl gets a haircut, you know she’s about to change her life for the better. It’s what defines her personality and style! We all have that one hairstylist and salon that we trust our hair completely with, and Team POPxo is no exception here. Want to know what’s their favourite place to get a haircut at and who is their most trusted hairstylist? Simply read on to find out!

1. Priyanka Ghura - Beauty Editor

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Stylist’s Name: Juhi

Salon: Jean Claude Biguine, Andheri (W), Mumbai

I have super thick hair and have always watched even experienced stylists struggle while cutting my hair, just because there is so much of it. Juhi quickly became my fav because she really got my hair. She understood exactly what I wanted and tweaked it to suit my hair type as well as texturized my hair to make it more manageable. She always gives me a style that looks great even if I just wash and leave it (which is not easy with my locks) and advises me on the best shampoo and conditioner to use. She also gave me a complete makeover by trading in my long locks for a chic, shorter do, which looked fantastic in spite of having such thick hair!

2. Divya Sharma -  Trending Editor

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Stylist’s Name: Rajveer

Salon: Plum, Gurgaon

I’ve experimented with other places, but somehow never had better results. The whole experience is just so much better there. I ask for Rajveer (Senior Stylist) when I can, but I’ve had some amazing experiences with all the other stylists as well. They’re super friendly and take extremely good care that you’re happy with your hair at the end and suggest the perfect way for you to style them according to your lifestyle and routine. The spacious layout is an added bonus!

3. Sharon Alphonso - Lifestyle Writer

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Stylist’s Name: Ankur Thakkar, a.k.a. Andy

Salon: Education Manager/ Academy Expert at Enrich Salons, Bandra (W), Mumbai.

Roughly about 5 years ago, I met Andy through a common friend during my college days. He is not only a dear friend of mine but is also one of my favourite hair stylists till date. Whenever I visit his salon, he always loves to experiment with my hair and offers fantastic hairstyle tips. Cutting and styling short hair has always been his forte. I keep going back to him because he understands my hair’s texture like no one else and always gives me a cut that makes me feel proud to show off. He’s the kind of stylist that will give you a haircut keeping your personality, face shape and type of hair in mind.

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4. Kritika Rathi - Fashion Writer

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Stylist’s Name: Krishna

Salon: Geetanjali Salon, M Block, Greater Kailash I, New Delhi.

I had fairly long hair a few months back, but then I decided to chop it off to get a slanted bob. I was quite nervous about it, obviously. I got the first cut done at some other salon, but then the hair dresser there left, so I had to find an alternate one. That’s when the convenience of GK-1 and the place worked for me. I have been going there for a good 4-5 months now and I love the blow dries and the haircuts that I get from Krishna.

5. Gopika E.M - Social Media Manager

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Salon: Worship Salon, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi.

My first visit to Worship Salon, Vasant Kunj, was as a part of a POPxo event. I got a chance to try their hair and beauty services. I was amazed with their service and definitely promised myself to come back again. After a few months, I did go back to the salon for a haircut, and unlike other experiences I had at various salons, they gave me a cut exactly as I desired - super layers and long bangs without chopping off the length. I initially thought the haircut would only look amazing with intense styling, but my hairstylist promised me that wouldn’t be the case. He was right - my hair looked amazing without styling and without the use of any products. This salon is definitely my go-to salon for all hair related services.

6. Snigdha Chowdhary - Account Manager

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Stylist’s Name: Tanveer

Salon: The Elite Salon, formerly known as Bella Madonna, New Delhi.

During my first visit, Tanveer took a good 5-10 mins initially and analysed my hair type before he could suggest the kind of hairstyle that would suit my hair. Since then, I’ve never thought of switching to another salon because I know my hair is in good hands. Most importantly, he doesn’t try to convince me to buy/ use a lot of products but just stick to a good shampoo, conditioner and serum for my hair, which is sticky and fizzy. He also tells me all the natural products I could use to make it shiny and strong. My hair definitely feels better and I am so accustomed to him that I even go to him every time I need to get my hair styled for a wedding.

7. Rukmini Kapoor - Graphic Designer

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Stylist's Name: Naveen  

Salon: Geetanjali Salon, Greater Kailash I, New Delhi.                                                 

I'm someone who has always had long hair, so going to a salon and getting my hair trimmed has always given me major anxiety. I've always had terrible experiences in the past - once the hairdresser told me he was only cutting an inch and I end up getting a bob! Okay, so maybe that's a bit exaggerated, but I've stayed as far away from a pair of scissors as I can. I never really stuck to a particular salon until recently when I happened to walk into this parlour called Geetanjali. Thats where I met Naveen, and he was brilliant! He understood my inhibitions and concerns and worked his magic. He made my hair look healthy and nice without cutting too much of it! The spilt ends and roughness which was caused due to old overdue haircuts were gone and so was my anxiety! Now he is the only person I go to.

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