10 Things That Prove Marrying Your BFF Is The Best Thing Ever! | POPxo
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10 Things That Prove Marrying Your BFF Is The Best Thing Ever!

10 Things That Prove Marrying Your BFF Is The Best Thing Ever!

I got married to my best friend, and what an amazing journey it has been! From being best of friends to partners for life, the guy you shared all your little joys and sorrows with is now your husband. Could anything be better than this? Here are 10 things you’ll totally get if your hubby is also your best friend!

1. Living with your bestie!

Think about it, isn't it the coolest thing ever? No more shocking phone bills from those late night chats. You two are now in each others company 24X7! *happy dance* married to best friend

2. From uncle, aunty to mummy papa!

Chances are, you already know his parents pretty well and even his closest cousins. Doesn’t that just make life a whole lot easier? You don’t have to ‘adjust’ to a new family.

3. Friends! Friends! Friends!

You two have so many common friends and party with the same group of people. Fighting over whose friends to meet over the next weekend is just not your thing.

4. Messy rooms? No problemo!

You already knew it! He hates folding his clothes and will never ever put up the toilet seat. You both know each other’s annoying habits and have even learned your way around it. married to best friend

5. Is she your ex?

No, you won’t ever have to ask that. You guys have an entire account of each other’s past and are totally cool with it. Jealousy issues - naah!

6. Ain’t no thing like pre wedding jitters

When you have your BFF by your side, there are no jitters. You know he’ll be there to support and comfort you through it all.

7. Jhoot bole, kauwa kate!

Well, you both can’t even lie to each other because the other one instantly catches it! And that makes planning surprises very difficult!

8. Being human!

Whether it’s lounging in your PJs with oil in your hair or screaming out your favourite song in a long, warm bath - you really don’t care. You can totally be yourself in front of your best friend who also happens to be your husband. Thank god for that! married to best friend

9. The trust factor

You’ve known each other for the longest time and that’s what makes your relationship so strong - your blind faith and trust in each other.

10. Are we even married?

It doesn’t feel like that, right? Your days are so full of entertainment, entertainment and more entertainment. In fact, most of your friends are always saying, “Lagta hi nahi that you both are married!”
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Published on Feb 10, 2016
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