#BeautyDiaries: My Secret For Perfect Looking Skin (Always!)

#BeautyDiaries: My Secret For Perfect Looking Skin (Always!)
I will never have gorgeous, flawless skin. Far from it, actually! I’ve dealt with years and years of hormonal acne well into adulthood that have left their mark (quite literally) on my complexion. And I may be in my mid-twenties, but already seem to have quite a dark circle problem. Blame it on my lifestyle of spending endless hours daily staring into my laptop screen (for work, of course) combined with an inability to go to bed early, no matter how tired I am! But I do know a great way of faking that perfect complexion.

It’s all about blending my makeup. I’m not one to layer on too much of it, just a dime sized amount of foundation or even less, coupled with a bit of concealer on those problem areas. The trick isn’t about how much you use, but how you apply it.

For years I would simply apply my concealer with the wand from the tube and then just smear it about with my fingers. Same with my foundation. And this worked perfectly fine for me until I discovered a way better way to do it.

I don’t even remember exactly when I started doing it. Maybe it was after I bought a Beauty Blender (which is awesome, by the way) or maybe after I watched some random YouTube/ Instagram tutorial – I am pretty obsessed with them! But I’ve come to realize that tapping instead of smudging makes a world of a difference when it comes to your makeup routine.

Instead of smudging around the dots of concealer under my eyes or on my cheeks to cover those acne scars, I gently dab at them until they are fully blended. That’s all it is! It helps your concealer look more natural than streaky and helps you use much less of the product. Oh, and it’s free! It’s not like you need to go out and buy another product - just tweak the way you apply your current one.

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When it comes to foundation too, I’ve realized the importance of buffing it instead of just smearing it across my face. This means to gently make small, circular motions with a brush or sponge, which gently pushes it into the skin and ensures perfect blending. It really does give you that airbrushed finish and allows you to believe that you do have perfect skin - well, for a few hours at least!

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I’m not one who’s obsessed with applying makeup all the time, but it’s great that when I want to I can cover up all those blemishes and imperfections seamlessly. All you gotta do is dab instead of smear. It’s a trick that even the pros swear by. Just ‘coz I wasn’t blessed with perfect skin doesn’t mean I can’t fake it!

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