#BeautyDiaries: My Secret Home Remedy For Baby Soft Skin!

#BeautyDiaries: My Secret Home Remedy For Baby Soft Skin!
Sleepovers for me don't normally include me and my friends painting our nails and putting on face masks. But my friend from out of town had got a month long internship in Delhi, so she came to stay with me. Every day was like a sleepover, and during the weekends we would spend one whole day just lazing, doing our nails, hair and all that other cliched girly stuff.

One day we, decided to experiment with making our own homemade face mask for soft skin. We obviously didn't want to step out to buy any of the ingredients for it, so we just worked with whatever was lying at home. She's super into home remedies so she had a bit of basic knowledge about what things should definitely not be mixed together.

We took out the multani mitti I had stashed in my dressing table drawer and got to work. I'm a regular user of rose water, so we added about 2 teaspoons of that and a pinch of haldi from the kitchen. We were wondering about what else we could add to it when my mom realized what we were doing and handed us some chandan. Both me and my friend had suffered from acute acne in the past and still have some fading scars from it. My mother told us the chandan would help with that. So we went ahead and added half a teaspoon of that as well.

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We made an even paste out of the mix, added a bit more rose water when needed and it was ready! We applied the face mask to our faces and neck area, put on some fun music and sat down to wait for it to dry. Since it was a multani mitti face pack, you have to be very careful not to laugh or move your facial muscles too much. We waited about 15 minutes after fully applying it and proceeded to wash it away with cool water. (Thank god it was summer then!)

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No face wash or soap, we just let our skin air dry. My face felt SO fresh and the skin so soft! After about a five minute gap, I applied some more rose water and that was it for me! It was the easiest thing to make - it literally takes less than five minutes and you don't even need any strange sounding ingredients that you don't know where to find! Just doing it once a week (or sometimes even once in a month) feels enough for me, personally. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with combination skin like mine!

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