Super Cute Ideas For An Unforgettable Bachelorette Night!

Super Cute Ideas For An Unforgettable Bachelorette Night!
Bestie ki shaadi ho rahi hai! That’s even more exciting than your own wedding! The dulhan never enjoys her wedding as much as the friends do (she’s way too busy), but the bachelorette is where you can promise her a crazy time! So put on your naughty hat and check out these super fun bachelorette party ideas!

1. Send her a super special invite!

Yes, not just a random message on WhatsApp! Fill a box with goodies like a Bride-To-Be badge and sash, add a cute tiara, a fun eye mask, a nail paint or a Forest Essential hand lotion. Put in a few liquor chocolates and a pink corset-shaped invite! Write a fun line like, “Your last night out about town. Get ready Miss Bride-To-Be, ’cause tonight we’ll be going all out!” Check out for free printables that’ll be great to pretty up your invite!

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2. How about a treasure hunt?

Make a list of the places that special to you as friends, for example her favourite bakery or the resto-bar she had her first date with her fiance. It could also be a store she loves or a friend’s house you spent the most nights at. List these out and then plan a treasure hunt! You can have the clue like, “The last time you drank here, you went mad dancing to Banno Tera Swagger on the roof at midnight!” She’ll instantly know it’s the killer strawberry mojito at her favourite bar where the next clue is. And she only gets it after a gulp of that drink! So you guys go hopping, drinking, partying, dancing from one place to another while re-living all those moments! Put down the clues in pink crown shaped cutouts and get colourful envelopes to put them in. Tie a polka dot ribbon and you’re done!

3. What’s my bhavishya?!

We are talking a Tarot Card reader! Hosting a bachelorette at a private club or a friend’s backyard? You could ask a tarot card expert to come in and read into your lives. How exciting it would be to have your best girls with you as you discuss each other’s love and work life! And do throw in some naughty questions on the bride’s behalf ;)

4. We are a matched set!

You know what's super cute and will get you awesome pictures for Instagram? Matching outfits! It could be same coloured tees with ‘Bride’ and ‘Bridesmaid’ written on it! Or just fun badges for all the girls - The Pretty Bride, The Party Starter, The Miss I Don’t Care, Miss Guy Magnet, and so on. Imagine hitting the town with these on! MyPrint will help you with customised badges while Extra Invites ‘n’ more is for anything else - tee shirts, glasses, tiaras - you need customised.

bachelorette party ideas

5. Kuddi kendi baby pehla Jaguar lelo!

Rent a limo for the crazy night ahead! Call your friend that you’re all waiting outside her home. She walks out to find a luxury stretch limo! Have a banner put across the car that reads ‘Caution, Bride On Board!’ and pop the champagne as you get ready for a fabulous time ahead! A limo ride could be on the expensive side, but if it’s a huge group pitching in, then it’s possible. Check out ASAP to fix you a smooth ride.


6. Spice Girls anyone?!

A karaoke set is the easiest thing to arrange. Or download an app! Scream your lungs out on all the songs you went crazy for during high school or that super-romantic song the groom always sings for your friend! If you’re out at a club then do make sure you ask the DJ to invite your friend to the stage to sing! And do record every bit of it!

7. Bride ki cocktail…

Name it Nehalicious Mojito or Shweta’s Saucy Bloody Marry! The idea is to get the girls together and whip up a drink especially for the bride. Trust me, it’ll be your go-to drink all throughout the wedding and every time you all get together! Go here for some fab recipes! And girls, presentation matters. So check out Chumbak for some funky serving options.

bachelorette party ideas

8. Play ‘Secret Santa’

Only it’s not Christmas and this Santa is a little more naughty! All the girls buy a gift for the bride but don’t put any names on it. Put all the Secret Santa gifts in a basket and let the bride guess who it’s from! Make it fun and think a little off the rack. How about fur handcuffs or a bottle of edible body paint. ExcitingLives is just the right place for more such dirty gifting ideas!

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