An Open Letter To Ranveer Singh… From Girls Everywhere!

An Open Letter To Ranveer Singh… From Girls Everywhere!
Dear Ranveer Singh,

Can I call you bae? You know what, it’s my letter. I’m just going to call you bae. Well, you should be used to it by now. Since that’s what every girl in the whole country not-so-secretly wishes you were to her. And I have only one damn question – how do you do it?

letter to ranveer singh

I think that we aiveyi lost our hearts to you over bread pakoras when you first appeared on the big screen; and then slowly but surely you made a more permanent place in our hearts. You then played an adorable conman so convincingly that we legit got conned into loving you. Next thing you know, we were cheering from the sidelines as you sold us condoms (thank you for that, by the way) and made Chinese instant noodles seem like the best idea since sliced bread. You gave interviews which were not predictable - you rapped, you danced, and you entertained. The whole darn country was mesmerized.


You made the word “bromance” come to life, and we couldn’t find that more adorable even if we wanted. (Though we are jealous of the attention Arjun Kapoor gets from you, but we’ll let that pass.) You showed up at the infamous Roast, laughed at yourself...and we sure as hell laughed along. You made it pretty apparent through everything you said (and wore) that you had “Zero f**ks to give!” By now you’d become quite the hottie we’d started to stalk pretty obsessively. You were now in the bracket of “God, he’s so dateable!”

letter to ranveer singh

But you became India’s most eligible bachelor when you fell in love with Deepika. Ironic, isn’t it? We saw you fall so unabashedly in warmed the cockles of our hearts. We saw you look at her like maybe she was magic. And all we could tell ourselves was, “Hey, I want that!” We saw you work with her, and you never looked happier. We saw a change in you. You went from the hyper, happy, guy next door to the suave, successful, hardworking superstar. You started taking up even bigger projects, ones that challenged you as an actor. Needless to say, it paid off. Today the accolades are yours for the taking and we are happy to stand at the sidelines and applaud. But the most amazing thing is, you are standing at the sidelines too – watching with adoration in your eyes as your lady love takes on the world. Yes, we are hooked on to your every tweet. We love how you wished her well on her first day of shoot in Hollywood. And just as our simple hearts had barely stopped fluttering, you had flown to be by her side in Canada. The rest of us, meanwhile, spent Valentine’s weekend looking at our boyfriends dismayed... “And you couldn’t even pick a restaurant!?”

letter to ranveer singh

You have been more than honest with the media about being in love and loving it. You’re not here to deny rumours. You’re here to embrace love. And God, we love that about you. You, Ranveer, are #BoyfriendGoals at another level. And some day (soon?!) you will be #HusbandGoals too. (Don’t think I missed that Pairi Pauna moment at The Filmfare Awards!)

But that’s the whole point of this letter, to let you know that even though the girls of the country are hopelessly and haplessly in love with you, we want to see you in love. It gives us hope. It gives us immense joy. And it gives us the feeling that there may be another Ranveer Singh lurking around the corner. Even though I have a sneaking suspicion that there honestly can’t be another. For now, we’ll continue to support you as you keep up the shenanigans. You do you, boo! We’ve got your back. :)


Girls Everywhere!

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