15 Amazing Perks Of Dating A Delhi Girl!

15 Amazing Perks Of Dating A Delhi Girl!
There are girls, and then there are Delhi girls! While they are more or less the same, everyone will agree that some little things about them set them apart. So all you lucky guys who have or have had the good fortune of dating a Delhi girl, count your blessings. And for those who are still wondering, we are listing out the perks of getting this rare breed of woman as your better half. So read on.

The Perks of Dating a Delhi Girl

1. She won't always make you wait forever!

She a pro at getting ready to go out in 5 minutes flat… When the need arises, of course!

2. She understands that "Traffic" is enough of an explanation.

But just for being late, and not every other way he goes wrong!

3. She's a champ at bargaining, even with the parking wala!

After all, she has shopped in Sarojini way more than at CityWalk.

4. She's comfortable with ALL modes of transport.

Audis, metros, Uber, auto… You just name it!


5. She might love Bollywood, but she has realistic expectations.

She doesn't expect grand gestures on a daily basis... If at all!

6. She HAS seen it all, so she respects originality.

From listening to the most original curses in history to the most romantic gestures, trust us on this.   

7. And she doesn't get fazed easily.

So you never have to be afraid of being yourself in front of her!

8. She can rock absolutely anything!

From a mini skirt to a patiala salwar. And even her pajamas!


9. She is as happy with gol gappas and momos…

As she is with a dinner and wine at Olive.

10. She doesn't mind making the first move...

She's from the 21st century and can shed her shy exterior at a moment's notice!

11. And she's totally comfortable with taking charge.

Whether it's just about picking up the tab to what happens in the bedroom! ;-)

12. You don't have to worry about her feeling lost in a conversation, ever!

Having met people from different cultures and professions, she knows a bit about everything!


13. She likes her space just as much as the next guy.

She's got too many groups of friends that she doesn't always expect you to keep up with!

14. She knows the best places to go to for a date!

From the best paranthas in town to the opening night of the latest bar!

15. She's extremely self sufficient.

Comes along with being confident and independent!

So there you have it! The dating perks that come with a Delhi girl. She is a pataka in a sassy package, complete with attitude and full of love. So if you had any doubts about dating a Delhi girl so far, we hope to have cleared em!