9 Amazing Styling Ideas For Long Hair (Without Cutting It Off!)

9 Amazing Styling Ideas For Long Hair (Without Cutting It Off!)
Your hair creativity doesn’t extend beyond wearing it down or in a loose ponytail? You’re growing tired of your long locks but don’t want to cut off the length? Well, say goodbye to those boring hair blues because we give you a mega list of ideas to try on your long locks. If you don’t know what to do with your hair, want to try something different but have no idea how or what...then you’ll definitely one to keep this checklist handy, ladies. Who said long hair had to be boring?

1. Scarlet Kiss

hairstyle ideas for long hair

Be a redhead for a day! Well, actually give your strands a temporary red tint with this simple DIY hack. Pour half a cup of all-natural cranberry juice (not the canned kind) onto your locks, clip it up on top of your head and blast it with a hair dryer (on low-heat) till it’s dry. Let it down and turn heads with a sexy scarlet twist as the light hits your hair - till your next wash at least. How’s that for beating boring?

2. Get Some Great Layers

Layers offer some great boredom relief while maintaining the length of your hair. They bring movement to your strands, make them less heavy and work better with your natural texture, especially if you have wavy hair. Try face framing layers to flatter your face the best.

3. Happy Hippie

hairstyle ideas for long hair

Take a stretchy hairband you have lying around and place it over your head, across your forehead, to channel come hippie cool. Pair it with a maxi dress for that boho vibe.


4. The Sexy Slick

You don’t need to walk the red carpet to try this trend - it’s great to add a sexy edge to your regular style on your next night out. Flat iron your hair for smooth, straight locks and work in a coin-sized amount of gel from your hairline to the crown to get this celeb-favourite hairstyle.

5.  Work In Some Texture

hairstyle ideas for long hair

The easiest way to notch up boring hair is to add some playful texture. There are so many ways you can do this; braid your hair when damp and open it up the next morning, or you can run a flat iron down the braids to speed up the process. Tie your hair in a ponytail and randomly pick up sections to wrap around a curling iron before letting them loose and tousling with your fingers, or simply scrunch second day hair with a sea salt spray.

6. Braid Brigade

There’s never a bad day for a braid, just look at Alia Bhatt (she wore a different braid for 11 days straight!). You don’t need to be a hair pro to try it, there are so many simple styles you can try. Pull back a section on either side from the front into a braid and pin at the back; try the ever cute fishtail braid or a classic French braid. Better yet, weave a ribbon through your braid, a bright colour would help it pop.

7. Rock Some Bangs

hairstyle ideas for long hair

Experimenting with bangs is an awesome way to change up your look without chopping your precious hair off. Short, blunt ones, soft side-swept one or a delicate wispy style - there are different types of bangs to try give your hair an instant makeover. Just remember to commit to maintaining the look, though.

8. Colour Me Happy

With so many cool colour trends to choose from, this should definitely be on your to-do list. Try balayage (at a reputed salon) - it’s a highlighting technique where the colour is applied free-hand for a super natural look. Ombre hair is still going strong, which is a good idea if you don’t want to colour your whole hair; this way you only colour the ends, which you can chop off when you want to get rid of the colour. You can also just colour a thin panel of hair something funky for a surprise pop of colour when you don’t want to do your whole hair. Read some more awesome colouring ideas here.

9.  Accessorize With A Twist

hairstyle ideas for long hair

We all have simple accessories lying around - why not use them to dress up your mane in trend-setting ways? Wrap a necklace around an updo by weaving the chain through a braid before winding it into a bun for a sparkly twist. Or simply stack up multicoloured bobby pins for added cuteness.

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