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How To Make Pretty Braids Like Alia Bhatt's - At Home!

How To Make Pretty Braids Like Alia Bhatt's - At Home!

If you’ve been following Alia Bhatt on Instagram, just like us, you would have noticed the fun hairstyles she’s been recently sporting everywhere. Well, this video will teach you how to recreate Alia’s super fun, quirky hairstyles in some easy ways. Let’s get started, then! What You Will Need: Just your regular comb and some bobby pins. Difficulty Level: As easy as brushing your hair! Watch the video NOW! PLUS: Subscribe to POPxo on YouTube for original videos + our favourite videos from around the web!
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#1: The Triple Twist

Step 1: Make a side parting, and from one of these sides, take two portions of your hair. Braid these both portions separately, and pin them together towards the back as a single one. Step 2: From the other side, take some portion of your hair, braid it and tie it back at the other side too. Use as many pins as required to tuck your hair in.

#2: The Simple Twister

Step 1: Take some strands from the front portion of your hair and start twisting them. When it looks like a braid, pin it back to your head. Now repeat the same on the other side too and you’re done. new story banner

#3: The Twisted Fishtail

Step 1: Take some portion of hair from one side and rope braid it till the end. Now pin this at the back. Do the same from the other side too and pin it back, just like you had done before. Step 2: Now take the loose hair from your braid, and make a fishtail braid out of it. Wasn’t that easy?

#4: The Rope Hairband

Step 1: From your lower ends, scoop a portion of your hair and divide it with your fingers into two parts. Now braid them till the end, and once you’re done just carry the braid over to the side of your head, making a headband of your braided hair. Pin it securely, and you’re ready! MUST-READ: How To Get Deepika’s Gorgeous “Pinga” Look! MUST-READ: Two Hairstyles For Short Hair That Are Just SO Cute!
Published on Feb 17, 2016
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