Dear Boyfriend, 7 Super Cute Things You Do That Make Me *Melt*!

Dear Boyfriend, 7 Super Cute Things You Do That Make Me *Melt*!
Dear Boyfriend,

They say actions speak louder than words, and trust me, there is no one who proves that more than you do. The little things you do for me each day make me fall harder for you. Every tiny gesture proves your love for me. You make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world! Here are a few unspoken things you do that make me go weak at the knees...


Your Girlfriend

1. When you carry my purse when my hands are full or I’m just too tired...

I know how awkward and embarrassing it can be for you to be seen holding your girlfriend’s purse - but you never let that bother you for even a second. You don’t care what people think - all that matters to you at that point of time is my comfort. That is seriously the most thoughtful and cute thing ever. Thank you!

2. When you make it a point to drop me home - and wait till I’m safely inside

No matter what time it is, if it’s after dark, you never let me travel home alone. You make sure you bring me home safe and always wait outside until I give you a call saying that I’ve reached my doorstep. Truth be told, I feel secure and safe in your company. I feel like no harm can come my way because you’re by my side!

adorable things boyfriends do

3. When you send me those cutesy text messages

Be it a good morning text or a random “I love you” message, I love receiving all sorts of texts from you! It makes me feel like you’re thinking of me, even when we’re apart. Not only do I feel special, but it also makes my entire day!

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4. When you make sure that I get the bigger portion if we’re sharing food!

I sometimes feel guilty about this, but I’ve come to realize that you’re just a sweetheart - who is extremely giving and considerate. This is just a small example of how large hearted a person you are. You always put my happiness before yours, even in the smallest of ways. You may not know this, but I find this trait of yours to be extremely attractive.

adorable things boyfriends do

5. When you sing a song for me!

Even if singing isn’t your forte, I absolutely love when you sing for me! Because I know that you actually mean every line that comes out of your mouth. You have a knack for making me blush and my heart just melts every time you sing me a song - even when it’s for fun!

6. When you surprise me with flowers and chocolates for no reason

On days when I’m feeling blue, you make it a point to cheer me up one way or another - sometimes by surprising me with flowers and chocolates! You know exactly what to do to perk me up. The effort and thought you put into bringing a smile to my face makes me love you even more.

adorable things boyfriends do

7. When you constantly motivate me to do better...

You bring out the best in me. I cannot recall a time when you’ve given up on me or implied that I won’t be able to do something. You’ve always believed in me and shown immense faith in every dream of mine. It’s about time I told you this - you mean the world to me!

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