#Aww: The Love Story Of An "Andheri Boy" And A "Townie Girl”!

#Aww: The Love Story Of An "Andheri Boy" And A "Townie Girl”!
Many of us have been for rishta meetings, and even the ones who haven't know exactly what goes down. Full of shy smiles, awkward introductions and polite chitter-chatter! Right? Well, apparently not all of them! Sometimes, the guy clashes with you so much that he leaves an impression on you…even if it's not the good kind! And even as you’re busy being annoyed, here might be something totally different going on in his head. Like in the case of Aayush and Nidhi, which started with Nidhi thinking that Aayush was "so Andheri!" while she was a typical "Townie". Watch their adorable pre-wedding video in which they tell everyone how they fell in love!

BONUS: There's a proposal in it too!!

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