6 Weird Bra Problems Every Girl Faces - Here's How To Fix Them!

6 Weird Bra Problems Every Girl Faces - Here's How To Fix Them!
It’s a fact commonly known to industry insiders that most women are walking around in the wrong bra. From an imperfect fit to cups that don’t quite sit well on your set - the most important part is to get your size absolutely right. But even then, unusual problems often crop up and the answers aren’t too easy to get a hold of! We’ve teamed up with the experts and compiled some of the more unusual, aggravating bra problems that women face - and their solutions.

1. The Dreaded Back Bulge

You know those unsightly little rolls on your back that poke out from above and below the back-band - THAT! They add unnecessary poundage to your frame and make you feel awkward in fitted tees! This is probably because your band is WAY too tight and you probably need to go up an inch or two (from 32 to 34, for example). Your best bet is to get yourself measured properly… did you know that your size is likely to vary every three to five months? Once you’ve properly measured your over-bust and under-bust in cms, get your correct bra size here!

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2. Slippery Straps

Which girl isn’t familiar with the annoying feel of the strap slipping down the shoulder? The most obvious solution is to tighten the straps to the length that feels comfy yet fits well. And if that doesn’t work, you might have narrow or naturally sloping shoulders. Switch to a bra that has straps that sit closer in the back (a racerback bra, for example). Alternatively, look for bras where the straps have been enhanced with silicone strips - which act as an adhesive.

3. Shoulder Diggers

When your bra straps constantly dig into your shoulder blades throughout the day - the problem might actually lie in your bra’s back band. When the back brand doesn’t provide your girls with the necessary support - it’s the bra strap that takes on this important task. The obvious solution is to look for bras with a smaller band size. If your bust is large, look for styles with narrower straps that are centered on your shoulder - this helps better distribute the weight of your breasts across both shoulders.

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4. Nipple Trouble

If your nipples stand at obvious attention even through your bra - it can be embarrassing and uncomfortable! Your answer is to stick to bras where the cups come with a medium-thick lining. This might seem unnecessary to girls with bigger boobs – but a lightly padded bust is a small price to pay if it helps keep your nipples in check!

5. When The Bridge Isn’t Flat Against Your Chest

For a well-fitted bra, it’s important that the bridge (the small strap that connects the two cups in front) lies flat against your chest. And if it doesn’t, your band is either too big, your cups too small, or the bra style isn’t a good fit for your overall physique. Apart from getting yourself properly fitted – analyse how far apart each of your breasts sit on your chest. If your breasts are placed close-set, choose bras where the cups are closer together and where the bridge is short. If your breasts are wide-set, the answer lies in a bra with a lot of breathing room between the cups and a longer bridge.

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6. Sweating And Chafing

When you take off your bra only to find your boobs sore, itchy, red and sweaty – the problem could be two things. The style of your bra or its fabric. When it comes to style, it is important that your bra lifts each breast up and away from the ribcage. Also, the breasts should never be smooshed together or allowed to rub up against each other. The fabric too can cause skin irritation, especially for those who are prone to skin sensitivity. The answer – choose fabrics that are kind to your delicate skin!

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