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9 Things In Life We SO Wish Could Be Custom-Made For Us!

9 Things In Life We SO Wish Could Be Custom-Made For Us!

Face it, ladies (and gents too, in case you’re reading this)! Some of the most important things in life are sometimes also the most inconvenient. You got that dream job - but it’s a two-hour drive away. Found the perfect organic BB-cream, but the colours available do not suit your skin type. If only all things in life could go exactly our way! Here, we have a list of the top ten things in our life we wish were #MadeToFit, and the one thing that actually is!

1. Significant Others

Your boyfriend is super caring but doesn’t believe in sharing his food. Your husband is the perfect guy except for the fact that he snores like a rhino! We’re not complaining, but don’t we all wish that we could tweak a few things and have our perfect #MadeToFit partners? 1 tailor made life

2. Our Job Demands

You’re paid phenomenally well but your work is sheer mindless drudgery. Or worse still, work is taxing and challenging but the pay is peanuts! If only we could land jobs where everything was tailor-made to our needs.

3. Our Colleagues

You love your job, your boss seems like an understanding person, and the pay is great too. But your colleagues - the one who talks too loud on the phone, the one who chews with her mouth open, and the one with the inflated ego. #MadeToFit colleagues are often an elusive dream! 3 tailor made life

4. Our Finances

Whether you get a monthly salary or pocket money - it never is quite enough to meet with rising expenses. And for most of us in our twenties, having enough money left over to start saving is but a distant dream!

5. Our Gyms

You leave work at 7PM only to realize that the gym is full of leery men at the time, or you reach at three in the afternoon to find that the gym is being swept and cleaned. You finally wake up early on Sunday morning to find that the treadmills are all occupied for the next hour or so. You WANT to be fit and healthy, but why can’t the gym be #MadeToFit. 5 tailor made life

6. Our Parents

Parents! Can’t live with them and can’t live without them. While we love them and appreciate them, how often do we wish that they understood us a little better, and maybe lowered their expectations a tad!

7. Sale Season

Great news! That brand you love is finally on sale. But get to the store and you’re faced with a semi-riotous crowd of shoppers, substandard clothes on display, and serpentine queues for the trial room. Oh sales, why aren’t you #MadeToFit? 7 tailor made life

8. Our Wardrobes

Sure, we can buy clothes that fit us and suit us well. But all too often, a button goes missing from our favourite blouse or our preferred ripped denims magically shrinks. From heel breaks to jammed zippers, we do wish our clothes could behave better!

9. Our Makeup

Just in case you were wondering, makeup actually can be #MadeToFit. FOR REAL. Thanks to the kind folks at Maybelline, you can now choose from a range of products that are #MadeToFit your skin tone. Their internationally acclaimed Fit Me! range of makeup (including foundation, pressed powder, concealer and blush) is perfectly suited to YOUR skin’s needs, enabling you to become the best natural version of yourself! 9 tailor made life *This is a sponsored post for Maybelline India
Published on Jan 28, 2016
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