#BeautyDiaries: Why I’ll Never Stop Rebonding My Hair…

#BeautyDiaries: Why I’ll Never Stop Rebonding My Hair…
Frizzy and curly hair looks good, but you if you have just frizzy hair...it is the most unmanageable hair type. And I have had to deal with this hair type for more than half of my life. People have bad hair days; I have had bad hair months.

I have always liked short hair better, but with hair like mine short haircuts were disasters. Believe me, I have gone through few of those disasters. Being an optimistic person I did try short hairdos a couple of times - and regretted it every time. I would want to hibernate after every cut I got. While I was scarred by those periods of weird, short hair, very soon after I would feel that some other type of short hairstyle would look good on me. But every time I was proven wrong. So I just stuck to boring long hair with those frizzed-out strands.

How I envied my mum and my eldest sister, who had such silky, smooth hair! The only comfort was that my middle sister too had hair of a texture similar to mine. Only she understood my problem, and she was also the one who gave me the solution - rebonding.


After perming, rebonding was the latest thing in hair treatments, and I had heard about this new way of artificially straightening your hair. But being someone who wasn’t really into beauty treatments I never thought about trying it until my sister went for it. I saw the how her mane transformed and I knew this was the solution for my hair troubles too.

Despite my mother’s protests – she didn’t like my sister’s new look and kept saying that a person’s  natural look always suits her the best – I went to my friend’s parlor and got my hair straightened. This was some six years back, and I still go for rebonding every six months. I always get it done at the same parlor because my friend does it very well. I have realised that finding a good place to do this treatment is very important; I have seen people’s hair being ruined during rebonding. Always go to a place that uses good products and get it done by a trained person.

hair rebonding

Yes, I know my hair gets laden with chemicals and loses its natural texture, but I feel it is worth it because it’s made me happy with the way I look. Now, my hair is not only easy to manage but I can also try many styles. I actually got a stylish bob and kept my hair short for two years - something that was unimaginable for me with my natural texture. I got the chance to cut my hair as short as I wanted without looking horrible.

The other upside to this is that I have started taking care of my hair more; since it is chemically treated, I try more home remedies to keep it healthy. During summer, I apply henna regularly (at times I mix banana in it) and I apply raw eggs as well. I always oil my hair before a wash and alternate between two varieties of oil. I go for hot oil massages and hair spas regularly. I actually indulge in hair care more than skincare, and this started after I tried rebonding the first time. Because I knew that I had to take special care of my hair since it is subjected to so many chemicals.

These days, my hair not only looks good but has become softer as well. I want to keep it that way, and I have no plans of stopping my half-yearly rebonding appointments!

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