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Relationship 101: When Should You Compromise? And When Not?

Relationship 101: When Should You Compromise? And When Not?

Making small compromises is part and parcel of any happy relationship. But there is a line that everyone must recognise and adhere by. Here are a few times it’s okay to compromise in a relationship...and when it’s not!

It’s okay to compromise...

1. When you’re planning a vacation together

If you’re planning a vacation together, chances are that there are things you will disagree with each other on. Where to go in the first place, where to stay there, what all you’re going to do while you’re there, etc. There are little things you will find yourselves disagreeing on. But it’s okay! It’s not that big a deal and it’s perfectly fine to make small compromises here. Even if you go where he wants, you can always stay where you want! Making small sacrifices and compromises for each other without cribbing about it will ensure that you have a great holiday!
compromise in a relationship

It’s not okay to compromise…

2. On how much money you can/ are willing to spend

Everyone has a budget and a limit for how much they can spend. Unless you and your partner have joint savings for specific things, it is possible that you have different budgets and amounts you’re each willing to spend. You don’t need to go overboard just because he can or vice versa. It’s possible that you’re saving up for something else. Don’t come under pressure about how much you need to spend. compromise in a relationship

It’s okay to compromise…

3. On where you’re going to eat tonight!

You and your guy can always take turns deciding! And on days you can’t figure it out, there is no harm going where one person wants. Just as long it doesn’t become the norm.

It’s not okay to compromise…

4. Your point of view...

Where you’re going to eat a meal is something you can compromise on for your partner. But don’t make a habit out of doing everything he wants. You’re both in this relationship together. So both your viewpoints must count equally! new_in_story_banner_500px

It’s okay to compromise…

5. Whose friends you’re going to hang out with this weekend…

Trust us, if you’re going to have the “your friends, my friends” battle, you’re getting nowhere. If you’re in a relationship, trying to accommodate and get along with each other’s friends is something that you need to do in order to keep your relationship a happy and peaceful one! So no harm in compromising one weekend and hanging out with his friends instead!
compromise in a relationship

It’s not okay to compromise…

6. Your friendships

While it’s great that you can adjust with his friends and make small compromises for your partner - your individual relationships are something you shouldn’t have to give up on. Your friends have been there for you when no one else was, so don’t forget about them and cut off because you’re in a relationship. compromise in a relationship

It’s okay to compromise…

7. How much time you get to spend with each other

So he wants to spend time with you or vice a versa and one of you needs to be somewhere else? Don’t sulk. Both of you are bound to have other commitments and obligations in life! Don’t let that get in the way of your happiness by having a fight or arguing about it. You can always take out time afterwards to spend with each other!

It’s not okay to compromise…

8. On your “me” time

It is important and necessary for every relationship to be a healthy one that you get to do your own things too. Spending time by yourself or doing things you enjoy is important for you. So don’t compromise on that. Trust us, if you take time out for yourself and do the things you want, you will be a happier person - thus making your relationship a happier one too! GIFs: Tumblr HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: 8 Ways You Can Tell That A New Relationship Will Last! MUST-READ: 7 Little Things I Want To Do To Make My Relationship Happier!
Published on Jan 21, 2016
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