11 Things You’ll ONLY Get If Your Favourite Colour Is… Black!

11 Things You’ll ONLY Get If Your Favourite Colour Is… Black!
Some like pink, some like red. You like black. And somehow people assume that says something about you...but all it really does mean is that you have good taste. Here are a few things you'll get if your favourite colour is black!

1. "Does it come in black?"

Yes, that's your response to everything nice you see in a store.

2. YES, even food.

What?! That's not weird. They have black burgers, don't they?

3. People do not understand that there are different shades of black.

There is faded black and jet black and so many other blacks!

favourite colour is black 3

4. People often ask you if you're "goth or just emo".

Which is when you realized that some people just won't get it.

5. Your closet is color coded into two sections - black and every other color.

Guess which one's still bigger? ;-)

6. Though it makes finding anything in particular SO difficult.

It all looks the same when piled together!

favourite colour is black 6

7. Online shopping is way easier for you than others.

Just filter by color and there are all your options! Add to cart, add that other one TOO!


8. But when you do turn up in a different colour (which DOES happen on occasion)...

All your friends act like it's the end of the world. Drama queens.

9. You have at one point wanted to paint your room walls black.

And been very upset when your parents flat out refused to let you. UGH.

favourite colour is black

10. While shopping, your friends keep telling you that you already own something like what you picked.

Uh, no. The dress they're talking about is an inch shorter and had cap sleeves. SO much difference.

11. Perk: when things spill on your clothes, it's totally unnoticeable.

Con: Animal hair. Enough said.

GIFs: Tumblr

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