How To Deal With Acne On Your Back, Neck & Other Weird Places

How To Deal With Acne On Your Back, Neck & Other Weird Places
A big, angry zit on our face is bad enough...but acne on our back, chest, butt or anywhere else can be even more annoying! Did you know you can get a pimple just about anywhere? If you’re confused about what’s causing your body acne, we tell you what could be the culprit based on your spotty areas. Read on to help you understand better how to banish your blemish dilemma.

Your Body Acne Map

what to do about body acne

1. Acne On Your Neck

This could be because your hormones are in overdrive or even thanks to excessive sugar intake. Tight collars and greasy hair touching the area can also cause zits here. You may want to switch laundry detergents too and see if it helps.

2. Acne On Your Shoulders

Your bag straps and extreme stress are the biggest causes of shoulder acne. Change your purse and chill out to help clear it up.

3. Acne On Your Chest

Acne in the chest area could be a sign of fungal infections and allergies, so rule them out as soon as possible. Zits can be caused by non-breathable fabrics like polyester and nylon, as well as because of poor diet and digestive issues. Eating too much spicy food, bad eating habits and an unbalanced diet could all lead to spots on your chest area.

4. Acne On Your Back

Bacne is more common than you thought (don’t worry, you’re not alone!) and can be because of a list of reasons. Laundry detergent, not rinsing conditioner off your back properly, sweating, not showering after a workout, too-tight clothes, bag straps, harsh soaps, lack of sleep and an unhealthy diet can all contribute to your spotty problems

5. Acne On Your Arms

Small spots, rough skin and a goose-bump like texture can appear on your arms thanks to super dry skin, lack of vitamins and poor circulation.  Regularly moisturizing and exfoliating your skin is a must. Make sure to to use products containing salicylic acid.

6. Acne On Your Thighs

Blemishes on your upper legs can be a reaction to a clothes detergent, moisturizer/ lotion or soaps/ shower gels. Switch to non-comedogenic moisturizers (they don’t clog pores) and salicylic acid shower gels to help treat it.


7. Acne On Your Butt

Butt acne is a nasty thought and can be caused because of tight or dirty underwear, poor diet or digestion and super dry skin. Don’t ignore your backside when moisturizing; slip into loose, clean undies and maintain a healthier diet to fight your spotty bum problems.

8. Acne On Your Crotch/ Pelvic Area

Ouch! These can be pretty painful and are most commonly caused thanks to ingrown hair because of waxing and shaving the bikini area. More serious problems can be poor hygiene and even an STD. If the spots are itchy and don’t improve after a few days, get yourself checked by a doctor.

A Few Simple Ways To Prevent Body Blemishes

1. Say No To Dairy

what to do about body acne

If your skin is prone to zits it may be smart to avoid dairy. Cutting out cheese, milk, yogurt and ice cream can help your skin clear up since dairy is a common acne-causer for many people.

2. Watch Your Bra Straps

Your bra straps can cause acne on your shoulders and back thanks to friction. Sweat gets trapped below them and can clog pores, leading to zits. This is especially true for sports bras when you work out. Showering immediately after a workout is a must and staying clean and cleansing these areas is important too.

3. Spritz For Zits

what to do about body acne

You’ve probably never imagined this, but spritzing perfume onto bare skin can also be causing those zits. Perfumes can clog pores too. This could explain pimples around the neck and on the chest.

4. Bye Bye, Dry Skin

Keeping your skin hydrated is non-negotiable, girls. Dry skin can cause acne, so make sure to moisturize like a maven and look out for non-comedogenic products, especially if your skin is acne prone.

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