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What Is Your Secret Weakness? Your Zodiac Reveals...

What Is Your Secret Weakness? Your Zodiac Reveals...
We all have good qualities and strengths. But have you ever thought about what your weakness may be? Because, let’s face it, we’re human after all, and no one is perfect! Let’s find out what your weakness is according to your zodiac sign...


You, Aries, are full of enthusiasm and courage. You are confident enough to speak your mind and take up any task with positivity and determination. Your weakness however is that you sometimes lack patience. You like to see quick results and tend to get a bit impatient when your hard work doesn’t pay off immediately! what is your weakness


You are very practical, Taurus. You like to approach life with a sensible and pragmatic view, rather than get swayed away by emotion. This quality makes you very dependable and strong. Your weakness, however, is that you do not easily change your point of view or stance on things, even when it may be for your own benefit. Your sometimes stubborn nature can become a problem if you’re not conscious of it!
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You, Gemini, are easygoing and affectionate. You are have an inquisitive nature and are always brimming with ideas. You want to achieve and do many things all at once. While your enthusiasm is what makes you stand out, this is exactly what sometimes also becomes your weakness. Your energy and attention get scattered in too many places all at once, making it difficult for you to prioritize! what is your weakness


You have the beautiful quality of looking at the world with compassion and sensitivity, Cancer. You love fiercely and are also very protective of those you love. Your weakness, however, is that you sometimes find it difficult to let go of the past. You are full of positivity, but when it comes to forgetting the past and moving on, you take your time! what is your weakness


You, Leo, are known for your warmth and generosity. You are a passionate individual and do everything with a lot of sincerity. Your pride, however, is what sometimes becomes your weakness. You are hardworking and capable of achieving a lot, but your pride sometimes pulls you back. Watch that ego! what is your weakness


You are loyal, practical and very hard-working, Virgo. You like to take your time opening up to others. You tend to analyse every situation you’re in and every person you’re around. This is what becomes your weakness at times. You are too careful and sometimes overly-critical of even yourself!
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You, Libra, are a very fair and just individual. You are easy to get along with and are quite easy to please. You absolutely detest confrontations. That is what becomes your weakness at times. You run away from confrontations even when you know that confronting a situation or person will help you move forward. what is your weakness


You always know how to live up to your word, Scorpio. You are a true friend and companion and never let those who depend on you down. You are an extremely loyal individual. Your weakness, however, is that you can sometimes be territorial about those you love! Although you may never say it out loud, your actions can at times convey that and affect your relationships. So be careful! what is your weakness


You, Sagittarius, are an idealist. You like to keep everyone around you in high spirits and joyous, always! You are extremely honest and like to say things as they are. This is what sometimes becomes your weakness. In an attempt to be completely clear and honest, you sometimes get into trouble too! Cultivating a little bit of tact and diplomacy won’t hurt. what is your weakness


You are one that is loved by everyone, Capricorn. You are a people person and love being the life of the party! You like to keep up with what’s going on around you and stay well informed! You love giving out advice and guiding people. This is what sometimes becomes your weakness. Although you may only be trying to help, you can sometimes come across as a bit of a know-it-all. Keep an eye on crossing that line.  
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You are a true humanitarian, Aquarius. You care immensely about the world around you. You have an independent and progressive nature. You don’t allow any outside force to ever hold you back from doing anything you want. Your weakness, however, is that you can sometimes become aloof from the world. You are a complete person yes, but sometimes get too lost in your own world! Remember to always connect with the people around you. what is your weakness


You, Pisces, are known to be gentle and compassionate. You are always brimming with positive energy and like to keep things around you peaceful and happy. You are a very trusting individual. This is what can sometimes become your weakness.You tend to trust people very easily and sometimes end up getting hurt because of that. what is your weakness Images: Giphy, Shutterstock HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: What Is It About YOU That Inspires People? Your Zodiac Says… MUST-READ: What Is It About YOU That Attracts People? Your Zodiac Says…