What Happens If Your Parents Don’t Like Your Career Choices...

What Happens If Your Parents Don’t Like Your Career Choices...
What we choose to do with our lives is usually not a decision we make all by ourselves. It’s a life changing decision that our parents are actively involved in too. But sometimes, our parents may not agree with our choice of career! Here are 11 things that happen when your parents don’t agree with your career choices...

1.  You’ve stayed up many nights planning and rehearsing just how to break the big news to them!

And however gently you may try to drop the bomb...it always ends up exploding!

1 - parents do not agree with you

2. Your parents’ biggest worry is that you won’t be able to make a living out of this “hobby”!

“This is not going to help you pay your bills!”

3. If you tell them that the opportunities in this field are abundant, they will still insist that it’s not as nice as that other job!

“Look at all the perks that come with the other job!”

4. Comparisons are made left, right and centre!

“Look at what great jobs Sharma ji’s children have got. Why can’t you also do something normal?”

4 - parents do not agree with you

5. Every conversation with your parents somehow always comes back to - “Jab hum tumhari umar ke the”

And it usually ends with naming the many problems our generation has!

6. Technology is what they usually blame for filling your head with “such ideas”

Your poor gadgets have to bear the brunt of every little thing that your parents think is not right in your life!

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7. They try to scare you by giving you the worst case scenario possible!

Where you basically end up broke, hungry and unable to do anything useful with your life. While you, on the other hand, try to convince them that you may just end up being the super rich, creative genius of the year!

7 - parents do not agree with you

8. In the end, they resort to blackmailing you emotionally…

“Who will take care of us when we are old? You can’t with that job.”

9. And when that fails too, they might just ask some astrologer to come give you some advice!

Hoping that some dire prophecy might convince you into altering your choice.

10. You begin to feel like your life is basically a movie...

Too much drama, guys!

10 - parents do not agree with you

11. And, finally, when both you and your parents refuse to give up the fight, you just agree to disagree…

And wait patiently to be the one who gets to say “I told you so” first!

P.S: Keep fighting, guys. If you believe in yourself, don’t give up on your dreams easily. Your parents will eventually come around!

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