#HeSays: 7 Things Guys Hope Girls Don't Notice In Bed!

#HeSays: 7 Things Guys Hope Girls Don't Notice In Bed!
You girls might think that us guys never think about anything other than sex, and you're right - about half the time. But then are the random things that we think while we're having sex. About things that we hope you aren't really noticing!

1. That we might have let ourselves go a bit

We may have skipped working out a couple of times, eaten five burgers too many…and oops, our abs don't seem to be as toned as we'd like them to be. Nowhere does this strike us as much as it does when getting shirtless with a girl!

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2. The shower we took was a few hours ago

Let's face it: deos and perfumes don't really last the whole day. And come evening time, we become acutely conscious of the fact that the day might have caught up with us!

3. That some our stuff down there looks really funny

You ladies have it good - everything is neatly tucked in, so to speak. And your jiggly parts are way more aesthetically appealing than ours. Proud as we tend to be of our, er, manhood, we can't always forget that bits of us…flap.

4. And the pleasure noises kind of sound like pain noises

When we're in the throes of passion, the noises we make are closer to grunts than anything else - we know this. (This is partly why many of us tend to be the silent types in bed than the vocal types.)

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5. That there's a straight line of sight up our noses

One word: missionary. And you're looking up at us. Can you blame us for this random little thought, crazy as it might sound?


6. When we're getting a bit tired

We definitely want to last. A long time. But sex is hard work, and if we do it for a significantly long period of time, there comes a point when our minds (and some parts of our body) might still be willing, but our arms and legs are ready to quit on us. Trust us, we work really hard at not letting you find out when that happens! (Note to self: do more strength training.)

7. That we’re basically willing to say yes to pretty much anything right now

Ladies, believe us, when you have your arms or legs (or even mouth!) around us, our brains just cease to function. We're drowning in pleasure, and we are ready to agree with everything you have in mind. We can only hope you won't, uh, take advantage of this fact!

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