#MyStory: How He Fell In Love With Me… For A Second Time

#MyStory: How He Fell In Love With Me… For A Second Time
When I was in my teens I met a guy who brought a drastic change in me. I always lacked self-confidence and found it hard to trust people. This guy was eight years older than me and he treated me like a princess. He was a very kind-hearted man - what else could a girl want? After we started dating, I became a more happy person.

While we often had fights; one night we had a major one. I wanted to go abroad for further studies, and he didn’t like the idea. I could understand why he had an issue with this - he didn’t want me to be too far from him.

After a few hours of our fight, I got a text from him: “We will talk about this later, I am going to Lonavala to meet my cousins”. I just replied, “Okay” - I was hoping that giving him space would help.

Little did I know that it would be my last text to him.

Around an hour later I got a call from his number, but there was a stranger talking to me. He told me that the person whose phone it was had met with an accident. He was seriously injured and being rushed to the hospital. I left immediately, with my two of my best friends, to go to the hospital where he was being taken. I also informed his sister.

By the time I reached, he was undergoing surgery. The surgery lasted for five hours, and after that he was put under observation. He didn't wake up for a whole day.

I could feel my world collapsing in front of my eyes. I had a strong feeling that something even worse was coming my way. He was later shifted to a bigger hospital in the city.

His father wouldn't tell me what was wrong with him. He was conscious the next day, but his parents didn't allow me to see him. So I kept asking his sister and his younger brother to tell me what was going on.

Eventually his brother told me what had actually happened. He had suffered a terrible head injury and lost his memory. Even if I met him, he wouldn’t recognize me. This broke my heart, but I had to see him. I would wait outside his room and get a glimpse of him once in a while.

After about a month, he saw me talking to his brother and asked him about me. His brother told him that was I just a friend. I didn't know what to do or how to react to everything that was going on.

falling in love again

He was taken home and there were people to take care of him all the time. I would go to his house every now and then to see him, but I never met him for the fear that he might ask more questions about me and that might cause him stress. This went on for a few months, after which he started noticing that I was often at his home.

One day, he spoke to me.

“Hi, my brother is not here. Can I help you?”

I just said, “Oh, sorry, I'll come back later”.

“Wait, I'll ask him where he is”.

He spoke to his brother and told me that he would be home in 20 minutes and asked me to wait.

We ended up talking for those 15-20 mins. We had a conversation like we were meeting for the first time. It was one of the toughest moments of my life... The person who meant the world to me thought I was a stranger.

Later, I found out from his brother that he’d really liked talking to me that day. We started talking more and we again started spending more time with each other. I could feel that he had started liking me, but it was after 13 months of his accident that we got into a relationship again.

I feel so lucky that he fell in love with me again and I got my love back. I went through such a terrible time, but I fought for my love and came out stronger. It made me really and truly believe in love. He’s totally worth the wait and the effort. It’s been 13 years now, and we are getting engaged soon!

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