7 TOTALLY Different Things “I Like You” Can Mean

7 TOTALLY Different Things “I Like You” Can Mean
What could “I like you” possibly mean other than what it reads literally, right? Wrong! "I like you" can actually have some really, REALLY, different meanings - depending on the situation and the manner they're said in! So, the next time someone utters these three simple words to you, this will help you understand it better!

1. When it's said at 2 a.m. in the morning… by your ex!

This "I like you" is a tricky one, girls. He's definitely not trying to get back with you (or he would have said THAT), but he might be trying to get in your pants (once again)! Be careful of this one, he might genuinely miss you OR he might just miss having someone - you know what we mean?

2. When it's accompanied by some serious eye contact

This is it. He means what he's saying right now with all his heart, girl. And he's not giving you an option here, you've got to believe him! No guy can really maintain eye contact while saying these words unless he's an Oscar-worthy actor. And, pssh, what are the chances of that happening?!

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3. When it's after getting drunk

Full of typos and sent in three installments, this "I like you" means he's had a little bit too much to drink and is going to be apologising the next day! But, hey, alcohol does reduce your inhibitions a lot, so maybe he's just telling you something he's been to scared of saying when he's sober! It's a total WIN…if you actually want him to like you, of course!

4. When it's right after sex

That euphoric feeling after the big O can make you say many things you might not mean the next morning. You know it's true! So when he says "I like you" right after sex, it really means that he appreciates all the amazing things he just felt, and is still feeling, thanks to you! Take this like a pat on the back!

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5. When it's in your "Others" folder

Remember that shady little (or actually not so little) folder in your Facebook inbox? Yeah, you only check it when you really need a laugh and you're always guaranteed to get one because of all the guys who pretend to look like SRK and Shahid professing how much they "liek" you and how "beutiful" your "DP" is. Creepy, but hilarious! So treat it like a joke and then forget about it!


6. When it's said with (a bit too much) surprise

Well, he clearly underestimated you, didn't he? You've done something he never thought you could and now he's seriously impressed by you. You showed him what you're capable of! You go, girl!

what does I like you mean

7. When it's said in response to "I love you"

Um, this one is a bit tragic. He doesn't love you back. And he doesn't know what to say when you confess your feelings without breaking your heart or lying to you. Therefore, the "I like you", which manages to break your heart anyway. It sucks. But hey, at least he isn't leading you on!

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