What Do You Do When You’re REALLY Angry? Your Zodiac Says... | POPxo
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What Do You Do When You’re REALLY Angry? Your Zodiac Says...

What Do You Do When You’re REALLY Angry? Your Zodiac Says...

We all get angry, but each one of us has our own way of dealing with our anger. Some things or actions just naturally seem to have a more calming effect on us than others - and our stars play a big role in deciding what they are. Here’s what you do when you’re angry, according to your zodiac sign...


When you get mad at somebody, Aries, you take it out on them right then. You aren’t one to bottle up your feelings or even sugarcoat them. When you’re feeling angry, you let it out by saying exactly what’s going on in your head and heart. But then, you also cool down just as quickly - and are ready to forgive and forget! what do you do when you are angry


You believe in giving people and situations chances, Taurus, which is why you don’t let the little things get to you. Even if you do get angry with someone about something, you give them subtle hints first, instead of lashing out. If someone repeatedly fails to pick up on these hints, though, that is when you finally lose your cool and get super angry! what do you do when you are angry


Gemini, you have two sides to your personality - and this affects the way you get angry and what gets you angry too. Sometimes, if your patience is being tested beyond belief, you resort to yelling at the person you’re mad at and even saying harsh things. Other times, you just keep your cool and deal with the situation in a calm manner. Either way, you can change your mood effortlessly - and calm down just as easily as you fire up.
what do you do when you are angry


You go through a range of emotions when you’re feeling really angry, Cancer. You start by sulking with the person or even the whole situation you’re mad at. If the situation doesn’t get better, you slowly withdraw and go into your own shell - hoping that this would calm you down. If that fails, your anger and frustration starts to come out in the form of tears - and you cry your heart out! what do you do when you are angry


Hell hath no fury like the fury of a lioness scorned! You, Leo, roar and shout when you’re angry. You just can’t keep your anger all bottled up inside. You only calm down after you give vent to your emotions and express how you’re feeling - at the top of your lungs, preferably! what do you do when you are angry


You, Virgo, don’t feel comfortable about expressing your anger openly - which is why you hold it all in and try to hide it from the world. But then you hit a saturation point - and all the pent up anger rushes out at a seemingly insignificant situation!
what do you do when you are angry new_in_story_banner_500px


You are very charming, Libra, and often get your way with other people. You don’t like getting angry or losing your cool because it gives you a sense of losing your balance. But occasionally, just like everyone else, you lose your cool too. Once you’ve expressed whatever it was that was bugging you, however, you immediately go back to being your normal, calm self. what do you do when you are angry


The world knows that you don’t easily forgive or forget those who hurt you, Scorpio. Even though you’re not short tempered and don’t get angry very easily, when you do, you come out to match the hurt caused to you. Although you can say hurtful things in a moment of weakness caused by your anger - you immediately feel apologetic and bad and try and make up with the person! what do you do when you are angry


You don’t take things personally or to heart very easily, Sagittarius - you let the small things that may annoy you pass. When you do get angry, though, you don’t keep it inside. You make sure that you say exactly how you’re feeling and let people know what has upset you!
what do you do when you are angry


You, Capricorn, don’t believe in expressing your anger till you are pushed to your very limit. You don’t get angry to begin with, unless someone keeps pushing all the wrong buttons for a while! Once you do get angry though, you are unstoppable! You won’t stop till you have expressed everything you are feeling - and more! what do you do when you are angry


It takes a lot to get you angry, Aquarius - and even when you do, you don’t stomp around and make a scene. When you get angry, you simply stop talking to the person you’re angry with. You leave the place of action for the moment and come back when you’ve calmed yourself down. what do you do when you are angry


You are emotional, Pisces - which is why if you get angry at somebody or something, you may end up crying out of mere frustration. Your imagination can run wild when you’re angry  - and you may make more of a situation than there really is! what do you do when you are angry GIFs: Tumblr
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Published on Jan 22, 2016
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