What Do Punjabi And Baniya Girls Have In Common? (SO MUCH!)

What Do Punjabi And Baniya Girls Have In Common? (SO MUCH!)
If there are two sets of people in India who actually take pride in being nothing like each other - it would be Baniyas and Punjabis. But they have much more in common than they would like to believe. For all you Punjabis and Baniyas out there, this is what you can't deny!

1. They host the most shaandaar shaadis ever!

While a Baniya wedding will make your eyes pop out at the grand decor, arrangement AND the gifts, a Punjabi shaadi will match it for an equally grand decor, arrangement AND an open bar!

2. They have a huge “khaandaan”!

Baniyas live to make all their first cousins (who easily run in double digits!) happy and keep them together, while Punjabis too are all about the many generations - from newborns to oldies - who live, eat and party together.

punjabis and baniyas

3. The inevitable "foreign" trip!

Whether it’s to study abroad, go shopping, or just visit relatives settled in London/ Canada/ other foreign lands, way more Punjabi and Baniya girls get their first foreign trip done pretty early in life!!


4. They have super dramatic mothers!

While Punjabi mothers love to talk, bargain like a pro and lovingly force-feed their kids, Baniya moms aren't too far behind! They never think that their kids are anything but healthy and are masters of emotional drama!

punjabis and baniyas

5. Keval “desi ghee”

Punjabis and their famous paranthe dripping in desi ghee, and Baniyas with their yummy laddoos and mithai, soft with scoops of gheeArre, desi ghee is family pride, after all!

6. And so much bling!

Come festival or family function time, every Baniya girl brings on the bling with her sari and her jewellery. And the Punjabi girl is also blinging out with her Patiala suit and parandis! Thoda tashan toh has to be there, right?!

punjabis and baniyas

7. Their superpower? Being jugaadu!

If you’ve got to learn cost-cutting and making the most of every deal, your Baniya friend is your best bet! However, if you want to do the affordable evening of fun, no one knows those thekas like your Punjabi friend does!

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