Around The World: Wedding Traditions That'll REALLY Surprise You

Around The World: Wedding Traditions That'll REALLY Surprise You
If you thought our shaadis are filled with endless ceremonies and must-do traditions, think again! Wedding traditions exist the world over. Some cute, some weird, some adorable and a few that will actually surprise you!

1. Steal a kiss

No, it’s not the couple who steal a kiss, it’s the guests instead! In Sweden, whenever either of the bride or groom leave each other’s side, the guests can take the opportunity to plant a kiss on them! So ladies rush to the groom when the bride is away, and vice versa. Wonder how this would be perceived in India? ;)

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2. Smash it!

Germans have a unique way of making the couple understand that life will not be easy, but by working together they can overcome any problems. Wedding guests bring the happy couple porcelain utensils and then smash ’em to ward off evil spirits! The newlyweds are then expected to clean up the mess together, thereby learning to work together.

3. First night woes

Now this happens all over the world, but in France it’s actually a tradition. Friends and family of the newlyweds gather outside their home and bang utensils, pots, pans, yell, hoot and do everything that can be termed ‘annoying’! The couple is then required to please them with drinks and snacks after which they finally leave! Sound familiar? ;)

4. Cry me a river

No, it’s not just OUR brides who cry on their wedding day. In China, the crying starts a month in advance. And yes, it is a tradition! The bride must start crying a month before the wedding and is joined by the mother 10 days later. By the D-day, every female member of the family is crying and this is believed to be an expression of joy.

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5. Love spoons

We love this super cute tradition from Wales. The groom gifts his bride a carved wooden spoon assuring her that he will never let her go hungry. Awww!

6. Black out the bride

It’s Scotland’s very own way of testing the bride. Brides-to- be are pelted with all sorts of rubbish, from mud to spoiled food and once the friends are satisfied, they take her out for a night of drinking. The belief is that if the bride can stand this, she can handle any challenges that come in her married life!

7. The first dance

Evil fairies like pretty things, like the Irish bride. So during the couple’s first dance, the bride must make sure that her feet are firmly on the ground at all times. Because if she doesn’t, the evil fairy will come and sweep her away. How does one even dance like that?!

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8. The arrow of love

So grooms in China shoot their future wives with a bow and arrow, three times! But it’s minus the arrow heads obviously. Once the deed is done, the groom breaks the arrows to ensure the couple stays in love forever.

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