Sagaai Se Shaadi Tak: 9 Cute Ideas To Kickstart Your Romance!

Sagaai Se Shaadi Tak: 9 Cute Ideas To Kickstart Your Romance!
The beginning of a new relationship is truly special. You get butterflies in your stomach every time you think about him and your heart skips a beat each time someone mentions his name. You know you're already falling in love with the man you’ve decided to get married to, but you’re both just too shy to admit it! Here’s how you can kickstart your arranged marriage romance.

1. Wake him up with a 'good morning' message

You know the cutest thing about a new romance? You just can’t get each other out of your mind. Wake up your hubby-to-be with a good morning message. Just a good morning with a smiley! He’ll love waking up to it and will look forward to it each day. :)

arranged marriage romance

2. Let him know you’re thinking of him

Sweet little messages through the day or a quick call just to say 'hi'. This is the golden period of your relationship. So make the most of it with WhatsApp.

3. Talk about just the two of you!

Keep the wedding planning out of your chats. And family matters too! You’ll have plenty of time for that later. Talk about each other: your interests and likes. There’s just so much to find out!

4. Surprise him at work!

Who doesn’t like surprises? Surprise him when he leasts expects it and needs it the most. I once had my husband’s favourite dish delivered to his office along with a bunch of flowers. And he loved it!

arranged marriage romance

5. Go out for a picnic!

Yes! Remember the picnics you had as a kid? Put together a basket of quick snacks, like cheese sandwiches and mini cupcakes, and some wine and glasses, pick a location that’s just a little far away so you can have a lovely long drive. Lay down your mat and enjoy each other’s company on a lazy Sunday afternoon.


6. Make him feel special

Do a role reversal and YOU take him out on a dinner date. Send him a romantic text asking him to be ready at 7 pm. Have a table pre-booked at your favourite restaurant. You could even request the staff to welcome him with flowers or a guitarist to play his favourite song. If that’s too much, just have them leave a handwritten ‘love you’ note inside his menu card. He’ll be touched with all that effort and you can expect him to return the favour pretty soon ;)

7. Get to know his interests

And be a part of them. Does he like music? Join him for an upcoming concert. A cricket fan? Plan out a day to watch the match together. Or is he totally into Bollywood? Then you’ve got to keep a Sunday for a movie marathon!

arranged marriage romance

8. Indulge him with a thoughtful gift

Nothing expensive or too over-the-top, just something you think he’ll love. A jersey of his favourite football team, a tie to match the new shirt he just bought, a nice visiting card holder for his office desk or even a personalised phone cover with his photo.

9. Go old school…write him a love letter!

While texts and emails have taken over romance, we still totally believe in the power of a handwritten letter. I personally love each time I receive one from my husband. So grab that notepad and pen down all that you’ve ever wanted to tell him and how you feel about him. Next time you meet, just slip it into his wallet when he’s not looking. :)

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