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6 Everyday Problems Solved With… Vaseline!!

6 Everyday Problems Solved With… Vaseline!!
Vaseline! Something that we all having lying in our house, but we probably aren't aware of its various uses. So here are some amazing hacks using Vaseline that can make your life so much simpler! What you need: Just keep your jar of Vaseline handy! Difficulty Level: As easy as drawing a smiley! Watch the video NOW! PLUS: Subscribe to POPxo on YouTube for original videos + our favourite videos from around the web!
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Hack 1: Keep the perfume intact!

Rub some Vaseline on your wrist, base of your neck and behind your ears. Then spray your perfume. It will last longer and help you smell good all day long!

Hack 2: Thicker, glowing lashes!

Grab some Vaseline on your spoolie and rub it on your lashes for a less messy and luminous look!

Hack 3: Stuck nail paint lids!

Rub Vaseline at the neck of the nail paint bottle the next time you use it. It acts as a lubricant and prevents the lid from getting stuck to the bottle.

Hack 4: Perfect your manicure!

Apply Vaseline on the sides of your nails before applying nail paint. It helps the nail paint not bleed out at all. The result?! Flawless nails!

Hack 5: Get a sleek ponytail!

Instead of using hairspray, just rub some Vaseline from your scalp to your ponytail for a super-sleek look! It won't damage your hair and is a great alternative!

Hack 6: Tame your brows

The key is to dab a spoolie or eyebrow brush with some Vaseline and rub it in smooth arches over your eyebrows.   TA-DA! Isn't your life so much easier already?! MUST-READ: 5 Super Easy Beauty Hacks Every Girl Needs To Know! MUST-READ: The ONLY Lipstick Hacks You’ll Ever Need!