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6 Super Hacks That Make Travelling SO Easy!!

POPxo Team

POPxo Team

To make your travels and vacays easy and super stress-free, we’ve compiled some super travel hacks for you. Have a happy holiday the next time you’re planning one!

What you will need

  • Paper clips

  • Shower caps

  • A pen

  • A lens case

  • Straws

Difficulty level: Easier than snapping your fingers!

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Hack #1: Protect It

We all need our razors on the trip, but it’s the sharp blades that we need to be careful of. Take a binder or a paper clip and put it on the head of your razor. This helps protect your fingers from being cut while unpacking and is also a great way of maintaining hygiene.

Hack #2: Wrap It

We’re all pretty particular about our shoes. If you can’t find any shoe bags, all you have to do is place your shoes in a shower cap and it becomes your shoe bag!

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Hack #3: Save It

Try this trick for preventing your collars from getting crushed and wrinkled, especially since we’re low on time on our trips. Take a belt and slide it through the collar of your shirt. This way, the collars are saved and ready to wear.

Hack #4: Pen String Rescue

We all know the pain of tangled chargers and the damage that can happen to them. To save them, take the string of any pen and roll the strings on the end of your charger. This keeps them safe.

Hack #5: Carry The Foundation

Going for a short trip and don’t want to carry the entire bottle of foundation with you? Just take a lens case and place enough of your foundation in it to last for a few days. Your small foundation case is ready for use!

Hack #6: Tangled Up Jewellery

We all know how annoying unpacking tangled up jewellery is. Take a few straws and pass your chains through them and lock them. This helps reduce all your jewellery tangling troubles.

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Published on Jan 22, 2016
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