10 Types Of Smiles EVERY Girl Has - And What They Really Mean!

10 Types Of Smiles EVERY Girl Has - And What They Really Mean!
Us girls, we love to smile - and not just because it makes us look prettier, but because the world’s a happier place when all those frowns are turned upside down. But not every smile means the same or plays on a girl's lips for the same reason. Here are 10 types of smile every girl has!

1. The I-know-what’s-going-on-in-your-head smile

When you are out with your bestie, and suddenly you two see the guy she’s been stalking and crushin’ on sitting right across you. This goofy smile that lights up your face is, sometimes, too easy for the crush to detect too.

1 types of smiles

2. The you-made-my-day smile

When someone tells you just how pretty you look, or does something super sweet for you and you instantly break into a smile. The smile here is directly proportional to the warmth of the gesture someone’s made and the amount it’s moved you.

3. The can-not-smile-any-more smile

When you turn 23 and suddenly all aunties start bothering you with, “So, when are you getting married?” You just force your mouth to break into a smile, and reply as politely as humanly possible. Death stares usually accompany this smile.

3 types of smiles

4. The surviving-the-world smile

When life’s being a b*itch and is testing you at every turn, and you still go out, brave the world, and smile when you say “I am okay.”

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5. The oh-you-are-so-cute smile

This one is reserved for the boyfriend. When he says something really silly in the middle of a fight and you start blushing and smiling at him instead.

5 types of smiles

6. The rolling-on-the-floor-laughing smile

This is actually not a smile, but a full-throated, belly-laugh that makes your eyes water and your frame shake. This monster gets released when something unbelievably funny happens and you just can’t keep the happy hormones in.

7. The sorry-not-sorry smile

When you are being sarcastic, and want to end your sarcasm on a tight-lipped note. This smile lasts but just one second, and often disappears into a frown.

7 types of smiles

8. The hatching-evil-plans smile

The wicked grin that twinkles your eye, and makes your voice take on a low, dramatic tone (especially when you’re trying to explain the plan to someone)!

9. The OMG-it’s-on-sale smile

When you’re out shopping, and you find something that fits you like second skin, is available in black and is on flat 50% off! This smile comes with a leap in our step too.

9 types of smiles

10. The smiling-like-an-idiot smile

When you’re in love and you just can’t stop gushing over something he texted, or maybe, did last night. It’s hard to wipe this smile off our faces, isn’t it?!

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