Super Easy Ways To Make That Old T-Shirt Look SO Cute!

Super Easy Ways To Make That Old T-Shirt Look SO Cute!
We all have old T-shirts lying in our closets and for some reason we just cannot part with them, or wear them! With this DIY hack, you can totally rock that old tee by modifying it into a completely new top! Go on, fish it out right away!

Difficulty Level: As easy as a nursery rhyme!

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1. The Safety Pin T-shirt

What you need: Safety pins, studs, beads

Step 1. Take the safety pin and put the beads in the pin.

Step 2. Pierce it close to the neck or the collar of the shirt.

Step 3. Take another pin and repeat the same at a distance.

Step 4. Do the same all around the collar.

2. The Lacey T-shirt

What you need: A piece of lace, glue

Step 1. Turn the T-shirt inside out.

Step 2. Add some glue to that front of the T-shirt along the collar.

Step 3. Stick the lace along the collar.

Step 4. Repeat the same through the back, all around the neck.

And...there you have it! A brand new top! Easy, right?

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