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Sunny Leone's Amazing Interviews - A Must-Watch For EVERY Girl!

Sunny Leone's Amazing Interviews - A Must-Watch For EVERY Girl!
In 2014, the most searched for Indian on Google was Narendra Modi. In 2015, it was Sunny Leone. This fact has taken a lot of people by surprise and given rise to a lot more curiosity regarding her. Which, of course, has led to some really interesting interviews with her.

One of the interviews that we absolutely loved was by Shekhar Gupta on NDTV’s Walk The Talk. Somehow, it made her a very real person for us, beyond all the “controversy” about her past career choices and the glamour of Bollywood. Come on, how many of us can't relate to aloo ke paranthe for lunch and childhood memories of playing with G. I. Joes instead of Barbies? For the first time, we got to know a little bit about the woman she is away from cameras. And we couldn't help but be amazed by exactly how happy and content she seemed with herself and her life as a whole… Watch the video below.
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And then comes a lesson: on how an interview should NEVER be conducted, courtesy of Bhupendra Chaubey from CNN IBN.

Firstly, we think someone forgot that this was interview and not an interrogation. The manner in which Sunny Leone was spoken to might not have seemed to unnerve her, but it sure has pissed us off quite a bit. Would the interviewer have told any other of his guests that he wondered if he was being "morally corrupted just by interviewing her"? Did he forget that she's on his show as an invited guest?

By making assumptions about her past "haunting her" and "holding her back" and continuously interrupting her every time she tries to respond to any of the ridiculous questions she was asked, he's only gone to prove everything all the negative things we hear about the media sensationalising otherwise completely normal things. Because, let's be honest, being “shocked” by (and mocking) the fact that she might do a movie in which she is dressed from head to toe is not cool. And labelling her the "Porn Queen" when he talks about her past is offensive - even if you say "I hope this isn't offensive" beforehand.

And yet, this video tells us a lot about Sunny Leone as a person. We now know that she's a very dignified human being, who is respectful, polite and, best of all, humorous, even in the face of haters. It’s the kind of grace and maturity that all of us hope to conduct ourselves with when we face a difficult situation.

And she has definitely managed to make us want to watch her new movies. They might belong to  genres that don't interest us, but sometimes you watch films just because you like the actors, don't you? Well, we like her. And that's probably the only positive thing that came out of this completely inappropriate interview.
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