9 Times Every Girl Needs To… Just Chill!

9 Times Every Girl Needs To… Just Chill!
We’re all too hard on ourselves. Don’t you think? Yes, we have certain expectations of ourselves and others - but sometimes it’s important to know and accept that no one and nothing can be perfect all the time! Here are a few times you need to just chill and go with the flow!

1. When you can’t decide what you want to do next in life…

Get a job? Study further? Get married? Don’t stress, you will figure it all out in good time!

2. When you just can’t figure out what to wear for your night out!

You know you always end up looking great. So chill!

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3. When people ask you if you are thinking of getting married soon…

Umm, it’s none of their business - they’re just curious! So stop worrying about what they think and live your life the way you want!

4. When all your friends are going back and forth on your weekend plans…

Live in the moment and just go with the flow. So what if there isn’t a concrete plan, you still get to relax and do what you want, no?!

times you should chill

5. When your boyfriend cancels a plan last minute…but actually has a legit reason!

Yes, we know it’s kind of annoying, but if he’s giving you a valid reason, just let it go. Just plan something for another day, girl. :-)

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6. When you haven’t had the time to clean your room out…

Cut yourself some slack! You may not have cleaned your room even though you promised yourself you would this week - but hey, you did a lot of other stuff!

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7. When you eat a good, hearty meal…

Seriously, you enjoyed it didn’t you? So stop counting calories and feeling guilty now! You know that meal was totally worth it.

8. When you sleep in more than you intended to…

Just remember this...your body needs rest! Just like your mind does. So if you do sleep in more than you had planned sometimes, it’s okay!

times you should chill

9. When things just aren’t going your way…

You could be having a bad day or even a bad month. But know that nothing lasts forever, especially not bad times! This too shall pass, girl, just hang in there.

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