Dear Long Distance Boyfriend, 10 Times I REALLY Miss You!

Dear Long Distance Boyfriend, 10 Times I REALLY Miss You!
Dear Boyfriend,

I know we don’t get to spend a lot of time together and that we both miss each other a lot. Every single day. If we had it our way, we would never be apart! But there are some times I miss you more than ever! Here are just a few of them…


1. When I discover a super cute cafe or restaurant…

And I can’t stop wishing that I could go there with you for a date!

long distance relationship

2. When I’m having a really bad day…

And I know only a tight hug and a kiss from you could cheer me up!

3. When I’m having a really good day!

And I just want to be able to share my happiness with you in person!

long distance relationship

4. When I want to go watch a completely random movie that no one else wants to watch!

Because I know you’re the only person in the world I could convince to go along with me!

5. When I can’t sleep at night…

And all I want is for you to be next to me so we can cuddle!

long distance relationship

6. When I crack a really bad joke...and then start laughing myself!

Because I know the only other person who would laugh with me is you!

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7. When I’m the only one without a plus one at a party…

Of course my friends always make sure I’m having a good time, but something always feels missing when you’re not around!

long distance relationship

8. When your friends invite me to come hang out with them!

Because even they know how much I miss you!

9. When I happen to go to your favorite restaurant…

And then order your favourite dish because it weirdly makes me feel closer to you.

long distance relationship 9

10. When our song plays on the radio…

And I’m somewhere in between a wide smile because it makes me think of all the good times we have together, and tears because it makes me miss you even more!

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