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7 Times In Your Relationship That You Shouldn't Get Too Worried

7 Times In Your Relationship That You Shouldn't Get Too Worried
When you are in a committed relationship, the thought of losing the one you love is a scary one - and may even subconsciously be running through your head. They mean the world to you; and they know that for a fact too. But sometimes, we can’t help but make more of a situation than there actually is to it! Have faith and trust in your relationship, and happiness will surely follow after. Here are 7 times you really don’t need to panic in your relationship.

1. When He Hangs Out With His Female Friends

Like everyone else, he deserves to have a social life too. Don’t take this freedom away from him. Remember, he could be with anyone else, but he’s chosen to be with you. Embrace that fact and let him chill in peace with his friends - even if they are girls!

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2. When He Misses Your Call/ Text

Life can get busy and hectic for everyone. Your man is no exception. Just because he missed your call or didn’t respond to your text doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care about you. He’s probably just caught up with other things at that moment. Don’t hit the panic button - you know he will get back to you as soon as he can.

3. When He Hasn’t Introduced You To His Family Yet

Everyone needs some time to make an important life decision like this one. Introducing someone to your parents as a potential life partner is a big deal. So it’s natural that just like everyone else, he too would need some time to think everything through before taking this step. When the time is right, he will introduce you to them!

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4. When He Says He Needs Some Space

Just because he’s asked you to give him some space doesn’t mean he wants to put an end to his relationship with you. Everyone needs some time to themselves every now and then - and it’s important too. Be a good and supportive partner and let him have his time.


5. When He Goes Out To Party With His Boys

Just like you need time with your girls - because well, it’s almost therapeutic - he needs time with his boys too! So don’t get in the way when he wants to go out just with them. After all, you cherish those girls’ nights too!

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6. When He Hasn’t Popped The Question Yet

Proposing to the girl he is in love with is a HUGE deal for any guy. It’s a decision that can and will change both your lives. Just like all good things take time to manifest, so will this. Just give it time!

7. When He Is Taking On New Opportunities And Responsibilities

If you genuinely love him, motivate him to achieve his dreams! Yes, he may not be able to spend as much time with you as you would like him to, but his heart is still with you. Encourage him to work to the best of his abilities - in fact, take on these risks together. If it’s meant to be, things will work out between the two of you, no matter what!

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