Ab Tumhari Baari?! Thoughts You Have When You’re ‘Next In Line’

Ab Tumhari Baari?! Thoughts You Have When You’re ‘Next In Line’
There’s a wedding in the family! OMG, you must be dying of excitement! Now that the elder sibling is getting married, you’re next in the shaadi line. And while you just want to enjoy the wedding, no aunty will let you forget that ab tumhara number hai next! These thoughts will definitely go through your mind when you’re next in line!

1. Abhi nahin!

I’m still so young! Can I enjoy this wedding please, before I start planning my own?

next in line thoughts 1

2. Aur paanch bhai behen kyun nahin hain mere?

I’ll have more legit reasons to avoid the ‘you’re next’ talk then!

3. Meri shaadi main to decor aisa hoga

Because, admit it, somewhere in your mind you have started planning your own wedding.

4. Mera husband kaisa hoga?

There’s no harm in speculating!

next in line thoughts 2

5. Deepika’s Mastani look is giving me so much inspiration!

Which girl doesn’t start planning her wedding joda years before the wedding? *guilty*


6. Will I have to move cities?

How will I live apart from my parents? *panic!*

7. Thailand is so done for honeymoon, na!

The honeymoon planning is our favourite part. We get to look at pretty Instagram pictures!

next in line thoughts 3

8. The aunties need to stop introducing me to ‘eligible’ boys!

I mean, I’m already checking out the cute ones!

9. How do I ‘settle down’ with one guy?

Will we able to keep the romance alive? How does one manage marriage and work and friends and housework and family?! *Don’t think about it!*

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