#HeSays: What A Guy REALLY Thinks After Having Sex!

#HeSays: What A Guy REALLY Thinks After Having Sex!
We love sex. It's no secret. And why would it even be? We enjoy having sex and we enjoy it even more when you're enjoying yourself. And while we're not very vocal creatures after sex, there is a lot that's going through are heads. Here are some of those thoughts...

1. Oh. WOW.

2. Sex is great. Like, the BEST.

3. We should do this more often. Like WAY more often.

4. She wasn't faking it, right?

5. No, no, she definitely enjoyed it as much as me.

thoughts after sex

6. If not more! ;-)  

7. You know what we need? Pizza.

8. Should we cuddle?

9. Or even some fries would do…

10. She's so soft, though. I think *I* want to cuddle.

thoughts after sex

11. Maybe she's hungry too. We could totally order something.

12. Do they deliver milkshakes? Hmm, should check.

13. Should we be talking right now?

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14. Okay, I don't think she can have a conversation yet either.

15. Would it be weird if I sleep for a few minutes?

thoughts after sex

16. And then do it again maybe…

17. Or do it again and then nap?

18. Damn it, thinking about it is already turning me on.

19. Well, I least I can skip on my workout tomorrow for sure.

20. Or maybe I should workout more? This totally wore me out!

thoughts after sex

21. You know what? Another round, then food, then nap.

22. OMG, she wants to do it again too.

23. I love my life right now.

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